Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elmhurst perv on the loose

From the NY Post:

A man molested two 12-year-old girls in Queens after driving up and asking directions, cops said last night.

The first attack occurred on Nov. 7 when the perv, in a white sedan with a flag sticker on the driver’s door, approached a girl at around 8 a.m. on 54th Avenue in Elmhurst, cops said.

The creep showed the girl a piece of paper with numbers on it and asked if she knew the address. He lured her into his car and then groped her, cops said.

The second attack, with the same m.o., occurred at around 4 p.m. Friday on 55th Avenue. Neither girl was injured.


Anonymous said...

Maspeth mom says...

Carry a pencil in your pocket shove it in his neck and then snap it off....easy bleeds to death (hopefully).

Joe said...

The NY Post is a bunch of no good PC correct editors and liars !!
The Daily News and News 12 did the same thing

"a flag sticker on the driver’s door IS NOT I REPEAT NOT what was said in the NYPD press release

The NYPD's actuall words were: "white sedan with a green, white, and orange or red flag sticker on the driver's door, with an eagle in the middle.

SEE for yourself:

Why cant they just say MEXICAN FLAG, why is the NY POST protecting these savages and leaving out important details ?
Are they afraid to upset the mayor?

Anonymous said...

On which side of Queens Blvd was this? I suspect the north side between Justice Ave and Junction Blvd
where Elmhurst ends.

Anonymous said...

First incident happened in the vicinity of St. Adalbert's and the second was close to the LIRR foot bridge all on the southside of Queens Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt the PAISA cab company have that sticker on their doors?