Thursday, December 1, 2011

DOT gets even flakier

From NBC New York:

New York City is using poetry to boost traffic safety.

Colorful 8-inch square signs featuring safety messages in haiku are being installed at high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools, including the Bronx's Grand Concourse, MoMA, downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced the new safety campaign, called Curbside Haiku, on Tuesday.

Funded by a state grant from DWI funds, the series includes 12 designs with accompanying haikus that each deliver a targeted safety message by focusing on one transportation mode.


Anonymous said...

Are there any grants available to repave our crosswalks and street corners???

Anonymous said...

another progressive tax waste,unneeded, poor experiment from SADIE.

how many MORE years before she repairs the disintegrated medium curbs at 42 avenue/from 201 to 205 street, Bayside,Queens ?

georgetheatheist said...

Cross at the green.
Not in between.
-Burma Shave

Anonymous said...

"Flaky" to what?-Archie Bunker.

The old, authoritarian approach of "Beware" "Warning" and "NO!" Doesn't impress young people, even us middleagers have long ignored them.

These signs actually give one a reason to stop, read and who knows, the meaning might actually sink-in.

Queens Crapper said...

If they read English. Remember we had to change walk and don't walk to symbols. And Mocker interviewed people on Harlem who thought it was stupid, too, do you can take your Archie Bunker comment and shove it.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..
....I read this nonsense in the news Haiku cross signs....really...NYC has money to waste on this ...thats the best idea Sadik Khan could come up with???? they say in first grade...she better put her thinking cap on...gross waste of money!

Anonymous said...




FlushingRepresenter said...

How the fuck in the world did this clow get this job?

Oh I just wikid it.... Hilarious isnt it.

Bloomberg replaces Weinshall with Sadik Khan. Nepotism at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's just what NYC needs, more signs.

Anonymous said...

Khan is an appointee of the Mayor, right?

If I picked up just about every newspaper this week in Queens, from the Gazette to the LIC Journal, we see the Overturning Term Limits Mayor and his minions with big smiles on their faces in some stupid photo op.

There is no problem with Khan, people. She is a product of the system.

You accept the system.

Next question.

Anonymous said...

Drawing/Dribbling/Driveling while intoxicated

Anonymous said...

No wonder the city has no money. The city government spends our tax dollars on their crappy projects that no one cares about. How about using that money for the overcrowded subways and bus lines?

Anonymous said...

If you think the Gazette and Journal are representative of Queens weeklies, you're out of your mind. Pick up the Times Ledger or Chronicle and see what kind of real reporting is going on while you're staring at the ceiling.
And Khan is as much an individual who makes her own (insane) decisions as you are. Blaming "the system" for everything is a copout of the intellectually weak.

Anonymous said...

How about instead of this stupidity they actually replace the important road signs that are missing/faded.

Anonymous said...

Retard Sadik-Khan -
Hired by unkosher shrimp,
Royal Dingus Mike

Anonymous said...

And Khan is as much an individual who makes her own (insane) decisions as you are. Blaming "the system" for everything is a copout of the intellectually weak.

Um, I hate to disagree - that mayor would not tolerate anyone out of line for one minute.

All of the outrages of his administration will be laid at the feet of his enablers - City Council - and by extension, the county organizations that went along with one big FUCK YOU to the people of NY.

We have long memories.

Anonymous said...

Who's the fool who thinks that Times Ledger is "real" reporting? The stories in the TL papers are just fluff filled with inaccuracies that seem like it was written by a junior high school-er and not even proof read.
PLEASE don't think the times ledger is doing any real reporting.

Anonymous said...

you are so correct about the times/ledger .
the editorial opinion written by NYS Senator Tony Avella attempting to excuse the O.W.S. socialist tool's behavior downtown is nutty comment. no one in their right mind would agree with him.

his comment was seconded by "the civics corner ", a former school teacher (his wife was also),who must be blind to the scene at Zuccotti Park. i imagine their u.f.t.pensions and benefits,that the citizens paid for, caused his biased rhetoric.

they obviously did not read the comments on Q.C.

thank goodness for crappy so that we can express facts without being attacked by "Move on .org"or S.E.I.U. goons ,if we wrote letters to the times/ledger. .

tony and bob should read :big gov .com for the facts on O.W.S. and convictions and incidents which are reaching 300's in the nation. what a disgrace.

and the unions supported this B/S. SHAME ON YOU!!!