Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reservoir project delayed

From the Queens Chronicle:

Completion of the first phase of construction at the Ridgewood Reservoir is being pushed back to next summer based on safety hazards uncovered by the city’s Parks Department in recent months.

“After debris was removed from the site, several unfavorable conditions were uncovered, including structurally unstable paths and walls that will require extensive technical revision,” said a spokesman for the Parks Department in an e-mail on Wednesday.

“As always, safety is of paramount concern, and correcting these conditions will require that we postpone laying asphalt replacement until next spring,” the e-mail continued.

The changes mean completion of phase one, which included a resurfaced trail, new lights and fencing, will be pushed back slightly from its original spring 2012 date.

1 comment:

Joe said...

We heard the same exact WORD FOR WORD bullshit when the 1964 Worlds Fair was being built

Structurally unstable paths ?
Built on what structure ?
They are simple over dirt- stone and concrete.
This sounds like a setup or some BS going on with the politicians and local "good old boys" in the concrete business.
As kids we hung out all over that area. There are some valve linings and wall like structures that go all the way down to fountain ave. Those would be no doubt off limits to the public anyway --but unsafe path --no thats bullshit.
You have more dangerous, broken up sharp flagstone (an dirty) paths in Forest park. No doubt unmaintained since the late 70s but those are OK according to the city what gives here ??