Thursday, December 8, 2011

Parking placard abuse in LIC


Anonymous said...

Why its Jimmy No Brainer talking to the folks in Dutch Kills about the hotels, well no, we can't go there ....

- well today his rare photo op with the locals is over the ever present parking issue -

funny the last time it was discussed it wasn't the placard problem but the discovery that the hotels could be put up without parking spots! So in a community were parking was not an issue is now a community where there is no parking - a common issue in western Queens from poor planning and overdevelopment.

But back to the matter at hand:

As in common in news, the point discussed is not the real reason for news cover: the real problem here are a dense concentration of very tall hotels on narrow streets Tour busses cannot get in.

So lets start to put the squeeze on parking to free up lanes.

But that leads to a conflict: now since they are redeveloping the area, putting in state and city offices, new transportation systems, new redevelopment of Queens Plaza - what do they expect?

All the agencies will take public transportation?

No can do. The trains have no room. They are for the 'little people.'

Anonymous said...

Just to get off the issue of parking plaques for a second, the parking in the Queens Plaza area was bad enough before the overdevelopment. The designers of the new crappy neighborhood did NOTHING to plan for all the extra cars they KNEW would be parking there when the glass monstrosities went up. NOW, people want to complain about parking in Queens Plaza? Cry me an East River.

Anonymous said...

damn, in front of the 114, they just park on the sidewalks! Some double park right in front of the station all day long!

Anonymous said...

same old same old....on the trail of something, I'm Greg Mocker.

Anonymous said...

placard abuse ? they don't need any damn placards---would somebody please come over to the intersection of 23rd ave and 36th street astoria and make a proper video of the constant/continuous double and triple parking,parking on the sidewalks etc every friday between 1 and 3PM ? this is unreal and nobody does a thing. and of course it involves pRAyer time for mecca.

Nora From Dutch Kills said...


What a surprise!!! Would you like to visit us and talk to the community? Just give me a call.

No, we don't need you to hide behind THAT guy.


Your voters.

Anonymous said...

How about overdevelopment abuse? Now thats a real story. If you keep overdevoloping an area and do not provide parking or viable transportation options what do you really think will happen?

Anonymous said...

So you want to take away the public worker's pensions, reduce their pay and benefits, and then take away a small parking perk they have.

Ok. Then everyone turns around and bitches when there are only incompetent people left working for the city who can not get the job done, because all the smart people see absoultely no benefit working for the public anymore.

Let the city workers keep their samll perks, the private sector gets more then enough of them too. If the city workers are somewhat happy then the job will get done.

By pissing off all these people parking there, all they will say is F the city because it screws me and the public will suffer because the worker is not doing his or her job well because they are pissed off and disgruntled. You gotta give a little to get a little.

Anonymous said...

Talk about abuse, if you go to Northern Boulevard and 82nd street. There is a Firehouse there that for the past 20 years whose workers have been parking cars on sidewalks blocking doors to homes, blocking businesses, damaging sidewalks (which the homeowners had to pay to get repaired). They have even illegaly expanded their Fire Department only location on the side of 82nd street yet they never park there. They prefer to park on Northern Boulevard and on its sidewalk. They place FDNY union plaques on their windows and no one enforces their illegal activities. I heard one Police Seargent tell a local business owner who had the audacity to complain when one of these thugs parked their car in front of his business preventing people from gettin in and out of his store that "They (the fire department) Police themselves, and we have no jurisdiction". I intervened and asked the officer if he was going to lie to a citizen. Officer then asked what do you want me to do? The business owner said to get the car moved. The officer walked over to the fire house and said "some pain in the ass wants the car moved sorry" CORNER OF 81ST STREET AND NORTHERN BOULEVARD. OVER 20 YEARS OF ABUSE! MAYBE NOW SOMETHING WILL GET DONE.

Anonymous said...

Mocker, try visiting the Rego Park Mall- an entire traffic lane on Junction Blvd facing the mall, is occupied by placard abusers.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who claims these placards are small perks for the oh so underpaid and under-pensioned city workers - are you living on planet Bloomberg?

I've worked in the private sector all my life, worked overtime with no additional pay, put up with crap to the hilt (there was no grievance committee) and by the way, paid for my own parking. Then when the economy soured we were told to take a long walk off a short pier. My pension was 2 weeks of pay.

What the poor city workers, the turd at NYPD, DOT, DEP, etc need is a hole in the head.

Go leach on someone else to pay your fvcking pension and give you free parking scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't mind cars with placards parking in spots that the public can't park in, because that leaves more legal spots open for those of us with no placard. I would only mind if they parked in legal spots like metered spots, and didn't pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Anon No 13:

What legal spots are opened up by people parking with placards in illegal spaces and where do they do this?

They don't open up anything. Case in point: Junction Boulevard in Elmhurst.