Monday, December 5, 2011

Longer wait for mail

From Bayside Patch:

More than 100 postal employees, several dozen area residents and a few local politicians turned out Friday night to discuss the United States Postal Service’s consolidation plan.

The current proposal recommends closing down all Queens mail processing and distribution centers and calls for the elimination of first-class overnight local delivery service, replacing it with a standard two to three-day delivery policy.

Both ideas have been met with harsh criticism.

“You are basically signing a death warrant for the entire postal service,” said state Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside.

Adding to the overall fury of last night’s meeting was the manner with which the Postal Service has handled the evaluation process for the elimination of the College Point facility.

“The period of time that you have given us to discuss the issue is far too short,” said Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Whitestone, as he addressed a panel of Postal Service Management employees.

Late last month, the postal service announced an aggressive consolidation plan that would close over 300 of its 500 nationwide processing centers.

On the proposed chopping block is a USPS facility located at 20th Avenue and the Van Wyck Expressway in College Point.

“I’m all for making the government more efficient. But I think it’s extraordinary that we’re standing here today discussing the closure of a Queens-wide facility without giving the various elected officials the proper opportunity to be here to comment on this,” Halloran said.

However, the management team of the United States Postal Service said that consolidation of its mail processing operation would save the organization billions of dollars a year, estimating a total cost savings of over $30 million annually just by closing the Queens facility.


Joe said...

Time to get my Ebay sales done, this is going to cause SUPER long lines and a mess.
The over the counter UPS paperwork and Fed Ex airbills is no better then going to DMV

Anonymous said...

its all steve jobs fault.

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat! Too bad the Feds are spending time investigating the likes of Liu and friends.

Anonymous said...

I doubt most Americans would be in favor of these drastic cuts to the Postal Service.

Off the top o' my head, maybe the IRS should include a box to donate a dollar to the postal service like they do with campaign financing.

Anonymous said...

the free lunch is over....and the key word is UNSUSTAINABLE......America has accumulated a $15 TRILLION DEBT. with 47% of the citizens paying no income tax ,46 million on free food stamps and gangster governments in most cities enabling sanctuary for illegal aliens and their anchor babies, the progressive/democrats still want to spend money America does not have.
but democrat and g.o.p limo liberals in congress reap huge stock rewards from their committee insider trading information.

those off the employment rolls and not being counted have reached 17%. their former tax contribution is gone.

Seniors have $500 BILLION in medicare benefits hi-jacked and senior medical care determined by a 15 member panel of bureaucrats (unelected). thank you gangster gov.

fiscus1 said...

I was just commenting to my wife about the recent slowness of mail delivery. A weekly magazine subscription which used to arrive on Monday or Tuesday is now showing up on Thursday or Friday. And instead of the typical one day to and from Netflix it's now consistently taking two days.

Joe said...

My mail used to come at 10:30AM, now its 5PM if it comes at all.
6 counters at the post office with only 2 staffed at any given time or day.
Lines of people doubled around and out the door to the sidewalk.
Same sh*t with Bank of America
---And the new cuts haven't gone into effect yet

Fun in Astoria said...

When they tried to close a small redundant postal station the politicians, undoubtedly knowing it was not really on the chopping block, made a big photo op that that fought for the community to keep it open.

The stood in line and the first customer of the day was (sur-prise!) an old lady with a cane. Big picture of beaming officials (remember they fight for you!) on the front page.

Well, they got their photo op.
When they close it next year no one will notice or remember.

Anonymous said...

I can live with one delivery a week. It's mostly junk mail anyway. Fire the bums!