Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Liu took donation from bank fraudster

From the NY Post:

Embattled Comptroller John Liu, the city’s chief fiscal officer, took an $800 campaign contribution from a man who was convicted of bank fraud along with Liu’s father, The Post has learned.

Lung Fong Chen, a disbarred lawyer, gave Liu the contribution last December for his 2013 campaign.

Joanne Chen, of the same Flushing address, also gave Liu an $800 contribution on the same date last year, and previously gave $7,000 for Liu’s 2009 comptroller’s race.

Liu had returned a donation from Chen during his 2001 race for City Council, after Chen and Liu’s dad, Joseph Liu, were convicted of bank fraud. Chen was chairman of Flushing-based Great Eastern Bank. Joseph Liu was the bank president.

The two were also business partners in a real-estate company that provided land for the bank’s headquarters. They were convicted of conspiracy for improperly steering $1 million to their real-estate business and creating false entries in bank records.

Chen served an eight-month sentence, and Liu’s dad was sentenced to one month.

Critics said it’s just another case of Liu, whose campaign fund-raising operation is under federal investigation, showing poor judgment.

Lung Fong Chen was Tommy Huang's lawyer and had a big hand in the RKO Keith's disaster. He also sat on the board of Flushing Town Hall for years.


Anonymous said...

they served one month and eight months in prison.who the hell did they know?

is that the bank that was built at Sanford avenue,on Main street, northbound ,in the 70's? After the entire block of family businesses went up in flames.

Anonymous said...

Joanne Chen, of the same Flushing address, also gave Liu an $800....

Joanne Chen is the wife of Lung Fong Chen. After Lung Fong Chen lost his lawyer license, Joanne is running a law office while herself is not a licensed lawyer.

Anonymous said...

"But Liu said he has no intention of refunding Chen’s donation."

An arrogant pup, indeed! Crooks run in his family. It's in his DNA. Keep the money Johnny boy, just resign.

BTW - Long Fong Chen contributed to Liu's campaign. Where's the Wellington Z. Chen contribution? What name did Wellington use to make his contribution? Wellington must be one of the straws or is he a bundler? Time alone will tell and so will the US Attorney.

Anonymous said...

He's a graduate of Queens CB7, sign the petition on the front page of Queens Crap, so we can cut off the head of the breeding snake.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful! How much more shame is he going to bring to the comptroller's offie and to the city? Criminals!

Anonymous said...

keep the stories coming.... hammer him into the ground!

Anonymous said...

Kung pow Johnny.
How do you sleep at night?
Please let us know.

Eyewitness said...

Lung Fong (Robert) Chen got what he deserved. He was denied an appeal to be reinstated as a laywer, a profession in which he sucked.

He was a slum-lord who once owned that polluted piece of property under the Leonard Price Stavisky School. It was Wellington Z. Chen who brokered the deal that got the School Construction Authority to take over the property. At a profit to Lung, of course. And no doubt a commission to Wellington. BTW, was that property ever cleaned up before the school was erected?

Lung Fong Chen, Wellington Zhou Chen and Johnny Liu are surely a credit to their race! Liars, cheats and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Ethen CHen told you that before this red hooligan ever won any election. Did you listen?