Sunday, December 4, 2011

Johnny makes a weird selection

From the Daily News:

For the umpteenth time lately, the question must be asked: What was city Controller John Liu thinking?

If he was thinking at all.

Wonder arises anew with the discovery that Liu hired a Wall Street macher named Kevin Davis to a $175,000 position advising the city pension funds on commodities.

Davis was sacked in 2008 because his firm, MF Global, dropped 90% in market value after a rogue trader lost $141 million speculating on wheat futures. That bad bet blew huge holes in four municipal pension funds.

Though none of that money was from New York, the retirement fund connection makes Liu’s hiring of Davis especially head-scratching.

If the name MF Global sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the firm later taken over by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, who then oversaw its total implosion. None of Corzine’s failures, it must be said, have anything to do with Davis.

But Davis has his own — and that makes him a bizarre choice to advise the city’s $120 billion employee pension funds.

And thus, the long list of Liu missteps grows.


Anonymous said...

This Asiatic crook is digging himself a deeper hole with every move he makes.

That's myopic arrogance for you.


There goes the cell block door shut behind him!

Do you know how to do the "jailhouse rock" Mr. Comptroller?

Not to worry, your new dancing partner will instruct you.

Anonymous said...

There's Liu
with that damn thumb of his again.

Hey, you're not Rocky Balboa....Johnny boy.

This time it's stuck in his chubby cheek.

And....ahem....his bald spot seems to be getting bigger.

Gotta watch your top lighting
when doing photo ops....very revealing.

Anonymous said...

Flushing, aka. Liuville.

Anonymous said...

He appoints people not for what they ADD but for what they can subtract.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. His father is a convict, I's sure sonny boy will soon follow.