Thursday, December 8, 2011

Johnny generous to employees

From the Daily News:

Embattled City Controller John Liu has quietly doled out pay raises of anywhere from 3% to 8% to 126 employees in his office — a move that surprised some in his inner circle.

Liu, whose fund-raising for the 2013 mayoral race is being probed by the feds, told his closest confidants about his generosity Wednesday morning — leading government watchdogs to question his decision to give discretionary raises in tough financial times.

“Though possibly deserving, the timing is a little off,” said Dick Dadey, executive director of the Citizens Union. “You can’t afford to have another discussion about discretionary money when questions about his campaign fund-raising are going on.”

The just-in-time-for-the-holidays pay hikes, handed out by his office on Nov. 28, mark a sharp deviation from the city’s regimented bargaining process — and are not the first time in recent years that most of the workers have gotten a bump.


Anonymous said...

Kung pow Johnny
And you thought being comptroller of the largest city in the US would be a piece of cake

In The Know said...

Probably nothing compared to the mountains of under-the-table cash he's thrown Gary Ackerman's way!

Liu is just a shill of Mr. Big!

Who is Mr. Big?

It might be Congressman Ackerman, Joe Crowley, the President of Taiwan, the Huang clan,etc.

Who knows?
Take your pick.

There might be several Mr. Bigs!

One thing for sure they're tied to China or Taiwan or both!

That Oriental pipeline keeps feeding American political campaigns with greenbacks needed to get their puppet/crooks elected.

Anonymous said...

Liu is just a pipsqueak Asiatic finger puppet.

"Mr. Comptroller" is merely a front man for HIS CONTROLLERS that are running the show....a pimple on the ass of the "big guys" back stage.

Bring down the curtain on him and he'll tell all to avoid prison.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the media is on Johnny's ass like (LOL) white on rice!

Anonymous said...

Johnny is just your run of the mill, common, felonious pig....awaiting his sacrifice to cover up for "the big guys" hiding behind the curtain.

Time to get the rest of the crooks in the political pork pen.

Liu is being thrown under the bus to protect the rest of the clan!

GET 'EM ALL or they'll soon be back putting in another front man to take Liu's place.

Anonymous said...

Kung Pow Johnny?

More like,
"little bean sprout/rice krispy"!

But you'd think the way he's forever talking big he's got 12" under wraps!


Anonymous said...

Maybe convicted felon "daddy" Joseph Liu contributed laundered cash to sonny boy's slush fund.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman, Nussbaum, Shulman, Stavisky, Liu, etc.
....the beat goes on!

Their larcenous legacy of corruption has just about bankrupted Queens!

Anonymous said...

I hope the judge that Liu faces is likewise generous in the length of the sentence he passes on this arrogant pup!

Anonymous said...

"Johnny generous to employees"
- - - - -
He's just abiding by the old dictum: "Charity begins at home."

Anonymous said...

He's trying to pay for loyalty... You earn loyalty by respect not doling out cash and raises!

Anonymous said...

What a purdy mouth.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a graduate of CB7 Queens which is notorious for ignoring the law. more investigation needs to be done by the Feds and the State to drain this cesspool. Goodbye Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Actually in NYC almost all the labor groups are loyal based on what is good for them in terms of cash.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that, it's human nature to be greedy and selfish.

I do get bored with the way unions get all misty eyed about themselves however. It greed plain and simple, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

look at Liu's lips.

He's got a relapse
of his "blower's cramps"
or he's caught Avella's "cold sores".

Didn't they both connect at "Parkside"?