Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guess who said something inappropriate this week?

Comptroller John Liu at Pat Dolan's memorial service:

"While what happened was a horrible way to die, I think that Pat went out in the way she would have wanted to - in the line of duty."

He also claimed that he was a prodigy of hers. As if she would condone racist pandering and campaign fraud...


Anonymous said...

is he the Queens Asian version of Al (TAWANA BRAWLEY) Sharpton ?

Anonymous said...

You're starting to sound like a bunch of Murdoch/Bloomberg toadies/lackeys/sycophants/acolytes with this piling on. Got your 30 pieces yet?

Queens Crapper said...

Sounds like this pissed of a certain political Blogger who thinks John Liu is God's gift. Good, if you're that naive. He's had it coming for a long time and the latest scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. More to come!

Anonymous said...

What a dope.

Anonymous said...

Another politician who doesnt know when to shut up...what a dope...sad.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is clearly some "Mr. Big's" Oriental finger puppet.

He holds no independent power on his own....but HE IS owned by somebody....right here in the USA or some other country.

Does anyone wish to guess which one it is?

What is his former experience (i.e. in community service, etc)....that qualified him to enter the political arena?


He's strictly a bean counter and possibly the son of sweat shop owners.

That's right!

John's mom and dad owned the LIC building that housed the sweat shop little John was supposed to have worked in!

When Liu was employed at Price Waterhouse Coopers, his job title was "financial actuary"...
one who calculates people's deaths.

So why did this (relatively unassuming) upstart pup....with an ego the size of mainland China get his push into "mainstream" politics....and from whom?

His meteoric rise (in 2 very quick steps) from councilman to comptroller is highly questionable unto this very day.

Oh, yes....he's "articulate" one newspaper account described him when he first ran for office.

That means he had command of the English language which made him the ideal, palatable, electable, Asiatic candidate for the Flushing colony.

And he didn't look like "Hawaii 5 O's", evil mastermind, Wo Fat. ("Book 'em Danno")!

He was a youthful. presentable, "clean cut" Bronx Science High School threat to anyone on a football team.

And, once again, he spoke American English with no accent.

In sharp can hardly understand Peter Koo when he's speaking "English".

Uncover who propelled this lad forward in his political career
and "Mr. Big" (or "Bigs") shall be revealed.

Just FOLLOW THE MONEY" and Liu will be imprisoned along with a few of his confederates!

Would to G-d that the money trail crosses Congressman Ackerman's path.

He's got to know what's going on.
He's on the Asia Committee.

Have you read enough Liu trolls?

Anonymous said...

This arrogant pipsqueak will pull anything for political gain!

Liu, apparently, is in the habit of making whistle stops at memorial services, in addition to the usual glad-handing and kissing babies.

I was personally present when he appeared at the service of a prominent Flushing community leader's husband's memorial.

On that particular occasion, Liu noted that he felt like "their son"....and that so and so was like his "mom".

Then he proceeded to deliver a framed city council proclamation which recognized the contribution of the deceased.

Though this wasn't as offensively blatant as what he just pulled at Pat Dolan's was, nonetheless, tacky in my opinion.

Could Liu possibly be on medication.... to carry him through his troubled times....for this tops his previous ass kissing record?

The Flushing Phantom said...

Liu's behavior, in his final beginning to resemble that of the desperate Adolph he honkered down awaiting "the end" of his failed 3rd Reich in his Berlin bunker.

Anonymous said...

He should put that thumb to good use - hitch a ride out of town! Resign asshole, you not wanted here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Funny, this is the last blog that I would have thought would be pushing politically correct speech. Seems a bit of a troll piece, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

The Queens machine = scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link from a news source to confirm that he said this?

Anonymous said...

Yea, John Li seems to be in the habit of shooting off his mouth - in the most inappropriate ways - about things that are none of his business - and yet staying completely mum about the things he is required BY LAW to make public (Where IS that list of bundlers already?).

And NOW we find out from 'City Hall News' (today) that Liu hired Kevin Davis, the former chief of MF Global (Jon Corzine's firm that pocketed $700 million of its own clients' money before declaring bankruptcy), to oversee the city's Pension Reform Plan. And Liu hired the guy AFTER MF Global had already come up dirty!

So, what? Now the city's pension fund is just one big (billions!) piggy bank for John Liu, Jon Corzine & Kevin Davis? What the...?

You can read about it here in 'City Hall News' or here:

Ex-MF Global Chief’s Role In Pension Reform Plan Questioned

By Chris Bragg

As more details filter out about the collapse of MF Global – the major derivatives trading firm that crashed under a $1 billion cash shortfall last month— a New York City union leader is questioning why two of the company’s top officials are leading efforts to revamp the city’s $120 billion pension fund system.

Comptroller John Liu hired Larry Schloss, a private equity fund manager who had also been serving as one of the four directors for MF Global, in early 2010 as deputy comptroller for pensions and chief investment officer.

This September, the comptroller hired Kevin Davis, the former CEO of MF Global, to oversee the pension system’s new commodities investment program, a Liu spokesman confirmed. Davis had left the company amid a $90 million settlement stemming from a rogue trading scandal. The hiring was not announced via press release.

Much of the focus surrounding MF Global’s collapse has centered on its former CEO, ex-New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, and his risky bets in Europe. But scrutiny has also been brought on the company’s lack of internal risk and accounting controls, persistent problems stemming from the tenures of Davis and Schloss, said Greg Floyd, the president of Teamsters Local 237, who sits on the city’s biggest pension fund board.

“The fact is that Jon Corzine was the tip of the iceberg,” Floyd said. “MF Global had been having problems since Larry Schloss was there and when Davis was there. Corzine was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Three years have passed and two CEOs have come and gone since Schloss and Davis were at the company. A spokesman for Liu’s office said that for anyone to question Scholl’s qualifications for his job was “absurd.”

In a statement to City & State, Schloss dismissed any questions about Davis’ recent hiring.

“Kevin Davis has 26 years of experience in commodities and has run a global business. He was hired because he was the best applicant for the job,” Schloss said. “He will help devise a long-term strategy for the pension funds in order to further optimize the investment portfolio. You can’t overlook 26 years of experience.”

Notably, Floyd is exploring a 2013 run for mayor in a field that could include Liu, and has recently cast himself as an antagonist to the embattled comptroller.

Floyd said he was most concerned by a rogue trading incident at MF Global in February 2008. That’s when a MF Global broker made a nearly $1 billion bet on wheat future contracts from his personal computer, losing $141.5 million and consuming about 6 percent of the company’s capital.

A month later, Davis was named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit by four public pension funds, which alleged the company had improper internal risk controls. Davis left the company in November 2008, shortly after the company agreed to a $90 million settlement.

Reuters recently reviewed regulatory actions against MF Global over the past decade and found the company has drawn more sanctions from the U.S. commodity futures regulators than each of its 14 closest peers, while drawing the second-highest amount in fines, for alleged lapses in risk supervision and recordkeeping.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that John Liu would make such a tasteless comment. He is entirely oblivious, lacking any sort of moral or ethical compass whatsoever. Liu is clearly driven by an ego that needs constant feeding. And an ego with such an insatiable appetite is a dangerous quality in a man who has been entrusted to oversee the fortunes that will make or break our city's future.

Just yesterday, The New York Post revealed that John Liu doesn't even have enough awareness to keep his campaign fund-raising manager OUT of city business. Quite to the contrary, he brings her (Chung Seto) along on all his junkets with deep-pocket investors.

Here's what The Post wrote:

When John Liu travels the globe to meet bigwig financiers looking for a piece of the city’s $120 billion pension fund, he’s often accompanied by one of his closest political advisers — his longtime campaign manager.

Chung Seto, Liu’s political adviser and an architect of his aggressive campaign fund-raising, has been at Liu’s side during at least three meetings with investment groups even though she isn’t a city official, according to sources and records from the events.

'Maybe there is an innocent explanation why he brought his fund-raiser to meetings where rich people were pitching business to his government office, but it is hard to see it right now.'

The source said Seto presented herself as a top Liu aide, with control of the comptroller’s schedule and a role in his office’s financial decisions.

“I had no idea she was just a political consultant,” the source said.

It’s an important distinction, the source said, because people interested in doing business with the city are left with the impression that she is his gatekeeper when she’s actually the person who oversees Liu’s campaign operations.

George Arzt, a spokesman for Seto and the Liu campaign, said she attended one of the events, called RFK Compass, at the personal invitation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and went to another event hosted by Asian-American investors because she was invited by friends in the finance industry.

But another Democratic source who is involved in the city’s pension fund was mystified at Seto’s involvement.

“Maybe there is an innocent explanation why he brought his fund-raiser to meetings where rich people were pitching business to his government office, but it is hard to see it right now,” said the source.

The revelation comes as Liu’s political campaign, which Seto manages, is under federal probe.

Liu’s decision to bring his top campaign aide to meetings with potential pension investors also comes on the heels of convictions of former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi and his campaign manager, Hank Morris, in a pay-to-play scheme using state pension funds.

Seto, the executive director of the New York State Democratic Committee from 2001 to 2005, attended the events as a representative of the Chung Seto Group, her political consulting and lobbying firm.

She attended both the 2010 and 2011 RFK Compass Conference, organized by Kennedy Jr. to encourage socially responsible investments, sources said.

Seto also attended the 2010 Association of Asian American Investment Managers in San Francisco — another networking junket to put financial firms in touch with public-pension managers.

Last year, Chung accompanied Liu to the C40 environmental summit in Hong Kong — a meeting where the comptroller touted the power of the pension funds to encourage socially responsible investments.

Liu was a guest on Mayor Bloomberg’s private jet and Liu in turn invited Seto, a source said.

Seto has said she paid for expenses related to her travel, but it wasn’t immediately clear if she was reimbursed by the campaign.

There is no indication that Seto is under investigation in connection to her travels with Liu. The US Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like this pissed of a certain political Blogger who thinks John Liu is God's gift."

Oh, you mean Adam the Mad Twerp!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I realize that politics has always made for strange and greedy bedfellows. But this is a tale that would even make a soap opera writer blush with an embarrassment of riches!

John Lui; Robert F. Kennedy JR.; MF Global Chief Kevin Davis and Bowne House Board President Rosemary Vietor - whose FRAUD in the transfer of Bowne House from private ownership to the City's Parks Department was gleefully covered-up by then Council Member John Liu - all in the SAME bed?

Whoa!!! It's like Political Porn!!!

This pregnant real-life saga is so rich in corruption, smut and mendacity, it could seriously spawn a ratings-grabbing prime-time soap opera series.

Too bad the TV series title 'DYNASTY' has already been used. It would have been oh so fitting for the tale of the two John Lius: One John Liu is the phony populist pretending to care about "the people." While the other John Liu (the real John Liu)
spins an intricate web of treachery, chicanery and fraud - working every angle possible - in a concerted effort to squeeze out as much power and money for himself as he can!

Queens Crapper said...

"Funny, this is the last blog that I would have thought would be pushing politically correct speech."

Politically correct has nothing to do with the point being made here.

"Is there a link from a news source to confirm that he said this?"

This is a news source. Just ask the reporters that scope it out for leads on a daily basis. And you can ask any of the 300 attendees whether or not he said that. Several have confirmed that he did.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by this comment. His handlers keep him from speaking much, but when you let him get extemporaneous, it's clear that he's not the brightest bulb. So, she went out the way she would have wanted to? Crushed by two tons of steel? This man should not be allowed to handle his own fork, much less control the city's finances.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

The MF Global hirings will be nasty. That's the whole stability of the city's services right there. Wait until those civil union pension funds get looted. Game over. Liu might be a smiling fall guy here, might not, in any case he'll be holding that empty pension sack at the end of the day. Crapper is right to say the fun is just beginning.

And that PC commenter needs to grow up.

Snake Plissskin said...

The Democratic Machine needs Asian money to continue this real estate frenzy - since those that count don't live in Queens, and those that don't do, and the balance is behind bars, don't expect any outcry from them over Johnny Boy.

They will be quiet at first until the stink dies down, then, bit by bit, say nice things about him unitl the sliver haired Schulman crowd thinks he is a 'nice boy' again.

Now the judges are appointed by the machine, so chances are he will get a wrist slap.

He will continue to walk around in a daze with that vacant smirk on his face and you, dear public, will move your attention to something else, like someone named Justin, or Kim, or the like.

Anonymous said...

how is Steven Rattner,Obama's Car Czar, and $10 million fine payer in the A.Hevesi/H.Morris city/state pension fund scandal, immune from prison ?

i guess former Asst. Attorn. Gen. under W.J.C, JAIME GORELICK ($26 million @ Freddie Mac) is really a excellent defense lawyer ?

Anonymous said...

i just love this blog. it has replaced John Walsh's "AMERICAS MOST WANTED ".

but it has to be updated to "A.M.W. DEMOCRATS".

Queens Crapper said...

For the one who just had to have a "media report" about this:

“If she was going to go, then, knowing Pat, that’s the way she would have wanted to go…in the line of action,” he said.

Slightly different account of the wording than was reported by my eyewitness, but his wording is still nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Seeing someone write in Liu's defense has me thinking that a certain political blog was created from Adam's rib - A broken rib!

Anonymous said...

Crappy, your witness's paraphrasing makes more sense than what Liu actually said.

In the line of "action"? What is that?


FlushingRepresenter said...

"Liu's behavior, in his final beginning to resemble that of the desperate Adolph he honkered down awaiting "the end" of his failed 3rd Reich in his Berlin bunker."

DING DING DING DING DING, you are the winner of Godwins law. Your prize is a oh so repeated attempt at sympathy garnering.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not surprised by this comment. His handlers keep him from speaking much, but when you let him get extemporaneous, it's clear that he's not the brightest bulb."

you talkin about Johnny Liu or B Hussein OBama

Anonymous said...

Instructions for the official John Liu doll:

1) Open mouth
2) Insert foot

georgetheatheist said...

Anonymous #1: "Is he the Queens Asian version of Al (TAWANA BRAWLEY) Sharpton?"

The Liu I Kniu.

Anonymous said...

Liu is beginning
to look Like Charlie Chan's #1 Son.

Oh and that "preppy" Oriental hairdo he's sporting isn't helping much as he continues to go bald. comes "Chopstick Joe" right out of "Terry and The Pirates" vintage comic strip!

Soon he'll be looking like one of those jelly bellied, chunky cheeked Chinese "happy" gods.

Anonymous said...

Always with that thumb of his
up in the air.

Which one of his benefactor's ass did he just pull it from?

Congressman Ackerman?

Never shake either of their hands!

Anonymous said...


there are criminals of every ethnic background. did you send the agent a "thank you ". i did.

it is difficult to admit to ones self that a person of similar race or party is a thief, and have taken part in proving this fact.

would he be proud to read the ridicule of his ethnic group on this website ? be civil....

Anonymous said...


The list of shady Orientals up for indictment lately reads like a full menu to me.

Both columns "A" & "B" are chock full of such Asiatic "delights"!

No petty criminals here.

Of course, an FBI agent fluent in Mandarin was required for the job.

And what a great job he did!

I thank this esteemed Chinese American most heartily!

I raise my glass to him...
(phonetically spelled) KAM PI!

Anonymous said... mistake...shouldn't it have been "KAM PAY"?

I often confuse the Japanese with the Chinese toasting salutation.

They're similar.
One's ends with the "I" sound....
the other with the long "A" sound.

My apology to any Asian readers.

Anonymous said...

during the WTC/ 9/11 period ,i always print the letter that deceased victim of the Al Qaeda muslim attack , counter terrorist FBI agent JOHN P.O'NEIL wrote to his baby grandson,on Q.C.
to paraphrase "respect your ethnic ancestry, but never forget that you are an American first."

for the complete letter, read "the man who warned America "

Liu's FBI UNDERCOVER agent is an American patriot