Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Filthy nabes get BID director fired

From the NY Post:

BID boss Sharada Devi was recently canned from her $45,000-a-year job overseeing a district in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst after a City Council member complained about graffiti, garbage and neglect along Roosevelt Avenue and 82nd Street, the BID’s central corridors.

“These are not entitlement jobs,” warned Small Business Commissioner Rob Walsh. “I oversee the BID program, and I was embarrassed.

“It was unacceptable. There was just such neglect. Blatant neglect.”

Like the other 65 special zones around New York, the district charges local businesses extra fees that are supposed to fund improvements that, in turn, help draw shoppers and new companies to an area.

But Walsh said Devi’s BID, with an annual budget of $230,000, had broken and empty planters and torn awnings, and needed a good sweeping.

And he vowed to have a new board and executive director in place within 100 days.


Anonymous said...

"I oversee the BID program, and I was embarrassed.

“It was unacceptable. There was just such neglect. Blatant neglect.”


Has Walsh seen Flushing?

The Flushing Phantom said...

True dat!

How come Flushing's BID director is still holding her job?

The nabe looks like shit on top of crap and smells like it too!

Maybe she continues her employment
through the graces of John Liu!

Anonymous said...

You think that Flushing (appropriately named) would flush it's doo-doo down the toilet once in awhile.

Stinky streets...especially during the cooking month of August!

The BID "eased out" Jim Gerson...because he fought the Flushing Commons project...and put in a Chinese BID director.

Well, the Asiatic sanitation standards in Taiwan leave an awful lot to be desired!

The "teaming" Orient abounds in filth and congestion!

"Welcome to 3rd world Floo-shing" should be on the BID's street corner banners.

Poo Poo said...

Even from where Walsh sits he ought to be able to smell it!

Anonymous said...

Queens: The Land of Can't

Anonymous said...

Devi....she's Indian...no?

Compared to Calcutta I suppose Jackson Heights and Elmhurst look clean enough to her.

H-m-m-m....India....the land of schmutz and schmattas (dirt & rags)!

Anonymous said...

Many BID directors do, in fact,
see their jobs as entitlements.

Mabel Law (John Liu's protege) didn't do squat for Flushing when she was their BID chief aside from cashing her city pay checks.

Then she went to work for Mr. Comptroller.

How nice for her.

Anonymous said...

I never new some of these areas had BIDs
Most are a disgrace.
Filthy and run down
Time to review all of the BIDs around the city. And get rid of the bad apples who do nothing but get their nails done and buy lottery tickets....
BIDs are not working in most of Queens
Take a drive around and see ...

Anonymous said...

In Queens BIDs are money pits.

They exist primarily to offer employment opportunities for the politically connected.

Uh, by the way, who gets the Queens BID's printing, promotion, street banner contracts?

That's big business.

Might it be
CB#7's "follow the buck" Chuck Apelian?

Living right across the street from embattled NYC Comptroller John Liu....Chuckles should be able to determine if the Liu household is just a front.

Is anyone ever at home there?

"Hello, Mrs. Liu, Avon calling".

Doesn't the Liu family really reside in Connecticut?

Anonymous said...

Steinway Street BID - the shopping district is considered in the local blogs as no prize and for the first time in living memory Stanta did not come to Astoria.

However, local business community is very busy - scrambling to fund a real estate acquisition that cost well into the 6 figures and is widely considered a white elephant.

In the opinion of many in the community, the money could have been better used to help the broader community.

But then, again, this is Astoria.

Anonymous said...

will they hire an American this time?

Anonymous said...

Will the hire an American?

Look at the previous post - Americans all.

Stupidity knows no race.

Anonymous said...

when will they ADMIT that the pedestrians ARE THE SLOBS tossing everything from used Pampers to the usual food wrappers/food itself anywhere they feel like ? They could put those garbage cans every 3 feet along any street and THEY would still simply drop their garbage where they feel like the same as the SLOBS that open the car door and clean it right out to the street/toss it out the windows while the car is moving etc.
THEY are the problem.
and i'm not a fan of any of this BID BS either-
they'd make millions between the sanitation tickets to the slobs and traffic violations to all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Civics, BIDs and labor unions are all coercive, unelected, unrepresentative racketeering organizations!