Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cemusa bus shelters causing injury

Above is a photo of a Cemusa bus shelter bench in Fresh Meadows. Note that the shelters are new.

To Whom It May Concern:

There are 3300 Cemusa bus shelters and the information below applies to all of them. There are over 80 personal injury cases in Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The court papers are available for public to review. DOT and NYC Comptroller's office have a database for personal injuries that are related to Cemusa bus shelters.

I learned from FOIL documents that there were over 80 personal injury cases related to Cemusa's bus stop shelters against the New York City and DOT. Many of the injuries are due to shattering or falling components of the bus stops including large glass panels. Some of these panels weight more than 300 lb. As I have reported to DOT, Cemusa was aware of the defects. New York City should not be the responsible party in these suits in my opinion. Cemusa was given enough time to correct these deviations and repair these defective bus stops. Too many corners were cut without the knowledge of any professional engineer during the manufacturing and installation of these bus shelters. There was no oversight.

I wish that NY City would take action soon to prevent other personal injuries that may occur around Cemusa bus shelters.

Jen Bolay


Anonymous said...

Why is the city responsible? Cemusa built the shelters and maintains them, not the city.

Queens Crapper said...

Because they are a city contractor.

Georges said...

They should be ripped out and replaced, period.

Anonymous said...

This society is too litigious. What where you sit, people.

Anonymous said...

They should make side-less shelters for narrow sidewalks to at least cover us from the rain while waiting.

Jerry Rotondi said...

What was wrong with the old bus shelters---that they had to be replaced PDQ?

Probably nothing but one of Bloomberg's "friends" (Cemusa) needed a city contract!

At least the old ones shaded passengers from the hot sun as they waited for an overdue bus.

The roofs on Cemusa's shelters are glass and transmit heat like a pizza oven in August!

Anonymous said...

Individuals who have suffered serious injuries due to improperly built bus shelters are suing Cemusa. In response, Cemusa is now suing STV, their engineering consultants, for the damages. Cemusa is using STV as a scapegoat. STV meticulously designed the bus shelters to code. But in order to save money, Cemusa cut corners during manufacturing, illegally deviating from STV's signed and sealed drawings. Cemusa used shorter bolts and eliminated other critical structural safety nets resulting in serious bodily harm to innocent bystanders.

STV is innocent. Cemusa is responsible for these tragedies.

FOIL documents clearly show this fact.


Anonymous said...

Cemusa is a shady, corrupt company with NYC's Commissioner of the Department of Transportation unwittingly in the palm of their hands. Cemusa and their parent company, FCC, are

a scary bunch. Internal emails written by top officials have surfaced where they refer to themselves as Hitler fighting against the Allies. Who sides with Hitler? In these

emails which they talk about fighting a war against the Allies, they are referring to their fight to bury a whistle blower who is only try to protect innocent New Yorkers from

having heavy panes of bus shelter glass shattering on their heads.
The city is well aware of all this, the Comptroller's office wrote a scathing report about Cemusa's failures to comply with their contract. At least 14 new law suits have popped

up in the last 12 months, since September of 2011, accusing Cemusa of cost cutting measures that lead to collapsing bus shelters like the case where a 300 pound glass panel fell

on and permanently disabled an eleven month old baby, in the Bronx. All this is pretty shocking, but even mundane issues like not having a light on in a bus shelter can be

pretty scary when you are waiting for a bus at night and can make people more vulnerable to crime. Such as a robbery that took place at an unlit bus shelter, at night, at the

corner of Fort Washington Ave. and 187th St., in Washington Heights. The unlit bus shelter issue is ongoing. They are reported directly to the Commissioner of DOT, 311 and

Cemusa. Cemusa ignores the complaints and the city turns a blind eye.

Any company that refers to themselves as Hitler and whistle blowers as the Allies has their priorities all messed up.
Cemusa simply needs to start complying with the contract that they signed and the city's safety codes. Then we will all be better off.