Saturday, November 16, 2019

9-year-old girl asks Mayor de Blasio why he can't do his job right     

A precocious 9-year-old and the aunt of a teen killed by a stray bullet grilled Mayor Bill de Blasio about crime, homelessness and public transit at a Queens town hall Wednesday.

Amaryllis Greene, 9, drew applause and laughter from the audience of over 400 people assembled at Austin Martin High School in Jamaica, Queens, when she asked the mayor a list of questions including, “Why is the MTA never on time?”

The fourth-grader, who attends a Montessori school, also quizzed Hizzoner about delays on the Q43 bus line, homelessness on the trains and NYPD leadership.

With all due respect, why was Mr. Benjamin Tucker not selected as police commissioner,” Greene asked about the NYPD’s first deputy commissioner who was passed over for the job in favor of his colleague, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea.

De Blasio complimented the youngster, asking if he could call her “future council member,” then answered her questions.

He reminded her that the state, not the city, controls the MTA but promised improvements with funding from congestion pricing. He pledged to address vagrants on the subways by putting more outreach workers underground and explained that he “made the decision that Chief Shea was the right person to lead” the NYPD.

Outside the event, Greene told reporters she was unimpressed with the mayor’s answers and that she wanted to hear more about how he’d help get homeless people back on their feet.

I really, and I mean REALLY liked how that brilliant little girl used that line "with all due respect", because that line is only used when respect is obligatory than when it's actually deserved.

I also really like how this kid knows more about how to run a city and serve its citizens than that corrupt doofus does.



Anonymous said...

Because he is stupid, little girl.

Chauncey Dandridge said...

So she never asked him why he couldn't do his job right? Or did she?

Anonymous said...

I vote little Miss Greene into office now and to impeach mayor dumbdumb! Miss greene for mayor!

JQ LLC said...

"Outside the event, Greene told reporters she was unimpressed with the mayor’s answers"

She asked him four questions, the implication is there.

Anonymous said...

At least she wasn't a trained actor and said "How Dare You !"

Anonymous said...

From the mouth of babes they see it too.