Friday, November 1, 2019

Precinct 114 in Astoria and a 911 call

Dear Crappy,

Thought you would like this short Halloween Story:

At 7.11 am Halloween 10.31.19 a white Ford SUV failed to stop, accelerator was reportedly stuck, and the automatic stopping assist system failed.  I have not put any real effort into guessing their speed, but the damage done to the vehicle, guard rail, Amtrak fence, was impressive. As impressive as the driver only have a small cut on his forehead from the airbags.

The Crappy story is the timeline it took from our  911 call to any NYPD showing up.  Calls went in at 7.12am from our house with request for an ambulance and police. We watched and offered assistance to the driver, while talking the gentleman out of walking away.  We had to scrub through out security feeds to find an NYPD SUV showed up at 8.45am and left at 8.52am with no photographs, no report generated. No phone call from 911 back to our contact number.

We have a damaged fence along Amtrak, we have car parts all over, we have a completely destroyed guard rail... And 114 is unwilling to answer the land line phone number. We have been in touch via 311 who made this a second 911 call to help prove that the call was not closed or handled correctly.  We will be emailing Costa as he wants to play Queens President.

Attached is a video in WMV format for you to enjoy.  It happens so fast. Amazed no one was seriously hurt.
Looks like this response and report showed more zero than vision.


Anonymous said...

Should the NYPD report "response time"? That might give the public an accurate picture of the level of service.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the NYPD required to publish "response time" to calls from the public.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Tons of complaints about the 114 in the local blogs and the local pols only show up to harvest votes as the look at their next career step. Nothing ever changes but more ugly buildings and yet another restaurant opening. Pols are considered gods there where the interests of people are bottled into incidental background for photo ops.

Not to worry as the locals "oow" and "ahh" over their multi-million dollar Astoria park which replaced another multi-million dollar Astoria park from a decade earlier made necessary as no one want to do routine maintenance.You see, their needs are met.

But since they all say 'whhattagoonnadooo???' in Vallonia when it comes with anything that has a taint of politics its 'whhhaatttgoonnaaexpect'?

Public Enemy said...

911 is a joke

Roger said...

This is your reminder that you have an emergency brake. It was designed for this.

Anonymous said...

This is why NYPD is so aggressive at giving tickets to people who don't wear their seat belts.
They just want to insure that you are safe.

Anonymous said...

"Stuck accelerator" is code for "I hit the wrong pedal."

The mechanical advantage your brakes have over your accelerator is absolutely incredible. If you're in doubt try hitting both pedals in your car sometime and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

This dont surprise me. With all the new bike lanes of course theirs going to be more accidents.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the driver was drunk or stoned,why didn't FDNY show up ?

Anonymous said...

Must be an Ubar driver

warp10 said...

Not enough details here. Was the driver transported by ambulance? Was the car towed before NYPD showed up?

How does the writer know the SUV was equipped with automatic braking? If the driver was talkative and coherent enough to mention such a technicality, why did he need to be convinced to stay on the scene?

warp10 said...

28th Avenue, right?

kapimap said...

Dead brake paddle is real.
Cars are run on computers,and so is the ABS. A simple ripple in the road could trigger the brakes to fail!

Accidental are a low priority to PD, that's about it. No crime here, and will probably say driver error cause they are not equipped to properly investigate an accident.

warp10 said...

If "a simple ripple in the road" could really cause a vehicle's brakes to catastrophically fail like this, an investigation needs to be done to determine if the issue was caused by a design flaw, faulty part, bad repair, etc. *Before someone dies*

NYPD does have the resources to investigate, they just choose to only use those resources if a collision results in a death or major injuries. They operate as if they're broke when in fact their budget is 5.6 Billion Dollars. Billion with a B. Where is all that money going if they take over an hour to respond to a 911 call.

Wonder if they even bothered reporting that fallen sign and damaged guardrail to their dispatcher or 311.

Anonymous said...

Private driver who stated they worked just down the Avenue.

28th ave just past Hobart Street (at the dead end into the Amtrak Hill that heads to and from Hells Gate).

No smell of alcohol or weed, but everyone kept a distance once first aide was refused by home owners.

No ems showed. Spanky's towed the vehicle after they investigated the scene and swap to a flatbed. Tow truck driver knew the SUV driver. Vehicle was removed minuets after NYPD drove past. It was the removal that caused a security camera scrub.

Driver of the Ford SUV went to work with the boss or a coworker, whomever picked him up.

Driver was bluntly asked by neighbors if he missed the dead end. He offered the concept of a stuck accelerator and the Assistant Brake system that failed.

It also happens to be illegal to leave the scene of an accident with damage over 500 dollars. This included the 2017 SUV, guard rail, brick wall, steel fence, signage....