Friday, November 15, 2019

Evening construction noise too much for Google guy


PIX News

Screeching metal.

Walls crumbling.

That isn’t exactly the most soothing way to go to sleep; after hours construction noise – particularly in Manhattan.

This news segment actually plays like an ad for Google in the beginning. Too bad there is no skip ad option like on youtube.

Night construction has being going on for decades here so now it gets attention because a trillion dollar tech corporation is mad about it. I wonder how and what times their "campus" in west Soho (now called "Hudson Square") is going to get built?


Anonymous said...

We need to go down to Chelsea and bring down that hideous High Line park and make the Goon Ghoules and Futz Pucks swalllow their smell phones to verify themselves and update their browser by breaking their spectacles.

JQ LLC said...

To Crapper readers.

I accidentally deleted some comments while trying to get rid of some spam ones. Sorry they didn't get published. Feel free to write again and I'll re-post them.

Anonymous said...

Noise-canceling headphones work for me !