Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Three towns in Staten Island got blacked out from Con Ed substation fire
NY Post

Power outages hit Staten Island Tuesday evening when a fire erupted at a Con Edison substation — just days after mass outages hit tens of thousands of customers on the West Side of Manhattan, officials said.

About 2,000 Con Edison customers in New Dorp, Grant City and Oakwood lost power after the fire at the facility on Railroad Avenue soon after 6 p.m., a Con Ed spokesperson said.

The outages are scattered across about a five-mile radius of the substation and are expected to last until about 2 a.m., the spokesperson said, adding that two generators were working to reinforce the system.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but it is not believed to be related to the heat, he said.


M. How said...

A multiple-choice questionnaire. Choose all that apply.

Who is the FBI raiding on Staten Island?

(a) Hillary or Epstein cohorts? (b) Epstein Mafia? (c) Clinton Cabal? (d) All of the above

Zoë said...

I thought these blackouts particular the Manhattan one was a way of getting Jeffery Epstein out of the Metropolitan Correctional facility so that he wouldn't be arkancided.
The aliens could also be behind it. Dont you think so? Has nobody seen an UFO in the sky? I personally seen a huge flying triangle of lights come over the tree tops at night, it made no noise aside a low hum. They probably will come back. Maybe next time they will do something good, who knows right?

Uber Clone said...
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Anonymous said...

What does this post have to do with Queens? How about more Queens born & bred Trump and Queens Rep. AOC coverage?

Anonymous said...

Now we had outages, manhole fires in Queens that con ed says is because of the rain!??? Like I posted on Manhattan outage- I think the outages will be found to be cheap defective equipment like a lot of the consumer crap we buy and is either dead on arrival or breaks, usually after the return or warrant is over. If this is the case then there are a lot of crappy relays or whatever that will fail.

Anonymous said...

That why they call it Stranded Island

Anonymous said...

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