Thursday, July 25, 2019

Developer denied (finally)


Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2019, 04:17:49 PM EDT

Subject: Update on Kimco Proposal

Hi Everyone,

First, I just want to thank everyone for their advocacy and input over the past several months. As you know, there was a lot of back and forth between the community, the applicant, and our office, and a flurry of activity last night into the early hours of this morning. These latest negotiations arose from last minute modifications to the project that were presented to us in an attempt to reach a consensus that would satisfy both the applicant and the community. By late morning, we were still not convinced that that this project would prove to be a benefit the community, and therefore unworthy of a rezoning.

However, a vote was still scheduled for 10:30am this morning in the Council’s Sub-Committee on Zoning and Franchises, which was to be followed by a vote of the full Committee on Land Use. After hearing the strong continued objections from the community – lead by many of the individuals on this email – Council Member Koo was prepared to vote against the proposed Kissena Center Proposal.

After informing KimCo of his intention to vote to disprove the proposal moments before the scheduled vote, KimCo officially withdrew their application, thereby removing the item from the committee’s consideration and agenda. A copy of their withdrawal letter is attached.

Thank you to everyone again for your efforts, and for standing by Council Member as we faced pressure from all sides. We look forward to continuing to work with everyone on behalf of our community.

Elaine C.

Elaine Cheung | Chief of Staff
Office of Council Member Peter A. Koo
District 20


Anonymous said...

There is no beauty in queens anymore. This is very rare to happen. I have never really seen any rejections in the past 15 years here. But I am sure another company will just come along and get approved to build another HIDEOUS thing over there. Just because this fight has won, doesnt mean there wont be another fight right behind it. Slowly, every neighborhood in queens will look like a third world dump. There is no strategic building anymore and zoning laws have been thrown out the door within the past 15 years. Welcome to queens, the world's dumping ground for shit.

Anonymous said...

Sad that this is being celebrated.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy buddy

Anonymous said...

Kimco will probably apply again, after a new Developers-friendly Councilman is elected, since Peter Koo is term-limited.

Anonymous said...


the next snooker better bring along some grease.

Anonymous said...

Kissena Park is lovely. Broadway-Flushing is lovely. Douglaston is lovely. These are communities who stick together, come out, and speak up.

The 2005 Kissena Park Rezoning played a huge role in the success of this fight. It set the marker for a line between low-density and hig-density construction. Thanks goes to Paul Graziano for his work on that rezoning and his assistance with this 2019 fight .

Community leaders matter!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are celebrating your stupidity.