Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy belated 243rd birthday to America


Auntie DACA said...

Not for nothing Crappy Jr. did my comments go down the memory hole? (that's a reference to George Orwell's 1984 that has recently scared the crap outta me again)

JQ LLC said...


Nope. every comment is accounted for. Happy 5th of July.

Zoe said...

Was crap, we went to Greenpoint ave to watch fireworks only to find out everything was in Brooklyn. Good thing Ridgewood had some good street fireworks going till 1 AM.
So much for advertised traditional Macys 34st fireworks :( --Queens got shit once again.

Anonymous said...

Both US Representatives Maloney and Meng put Happy 4th ads in the local community papers. Anyone see an Ocasio-Cortez best wishes ad in any community publication?

Auntie DACA said...

That’s cos AOC thinks the 4th of July is racist because of all those white men who died fighting off The Crown.
And because white men signed the Declaration of Independence and because
Betsy Ross, another pushy white lady, sewed a flag.
AOC plans to rewrite history to fit her political agenda and ambitions. The 4th of July does not fit into her plans.
Besides she doesn’t believe in paying money to local publications or creating jobs - look what she did to the Amazon deal.

Ned said...

Cortez still lost wandering around DC looking up trees for the 3 branches of government.