Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Affordable housing study reveals Mayor de Blasio as a segregationist

New York Times

For more than two years, lawyers for New York City have fought to keep secret a report on the city’s affordable housing lotteries, arguing that its release would insert an unfavorable and “potentially incorrect analysis into the public conversation.”

The report was finally released on Monday, following a federal court ruling, and its findings were stark: The city’s policy of giving preference to local residents for new affordable housing helps perpetuate racial segregation.

White neighborhoods stay white, black neighborhoods black, the report found.

The findings by Andrew A. Beveridge, a sociology professor at Queens College, presented a far different picture than the one offered by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has touted his record on housing as he runs for president.

Indeed, they suggested that Mr. de Blasio’s vast expansion of affordable housing might well come with an asterisk: It is deepening entrenched racial housing patterns.

Professor Beveridge analyzed data from 7.2 million affordable housing applications for 10,245 city-subsidized apartments from 2012 to 2017. He did so on behalf of plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought by three black women from Brooklyn and Queens who said they were not given a fair chance to win affordable apartments in city-managed lotteries.

The report looked at 168 city-administered lotteries along with demographic and other information about applicants, comparing that to census data for the areas surrounding the affordable housing apartments being offered.

In each case, Professor Beveridge found that the majority group — whether white, black Hispanic or Asian — enjoyed a strong advantage over the other racial groups because of the city’s policy.

Moreover, because it is a first-come-first-served system, by the time applicants from other areas of the city might want to move into an area, the apartments that they would qualify for have sometimes already been taken by local residents, he found in the 31-page report, a preliminary version of which was first filed in 2017.


Anonymous said...

.....and a fake progressive, a liar, corrupt. His management of this city has been atrocious and his running for President, which he stands zero change, is just to showcase him. They need to make a new coin, him on one side, Trump on the other.

Anonymous said...

This report is not accurate- please explain the flood of urban shelter releases into Rockaway Beach. If you want to buy crack, heroin, pills or pay for an underage prostitute
go to Beach 96th Street right off Rockaway Beach Boulevard.
If you are white you are not told about housing vouchers & are told that there is no more Section 8 - except people get them every day

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Anonymous said...

First of all: Duh. If preference is given to current residents, of course the racial make-up will stay the same. Big whoop.

Second: People like to live among people like themselves. This is well-known and there's nothing wrong with it, unless we're talking about white people, who we all know now are THE WORST!

Anonymous said...

How many politically connected get apartments before Joe and Jane six pack?

Anonymous said...

This seems like another example of using "diversity" as a buzzword, as a strike against otherwise sensible government programs.
There's zero attempt to show or explain why diversity trumps the compelling interest of keeping people in their communities. Diversity is good, but keeping people in their homes seems like a greater good.

Zoe said...

.....and a fake progressive, a liar--YEP you got that right.

Add this piece of &#$% fake New Yorker eats pizza with a fork and knife.
This isn't Chicago where they feed you some runny baked, greasy pan of mozzarella marinara swimming pool for rats.

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"fake progressive, a liar--YEP you got that right."
I'm glad he's a fake progressive. Who wants a real progressive ?
I'll tell you the East and Left Coast !
Thank God and Country for the United States Electoral College !

#sell-out #progressive #liberal #trump2020

Anonymous said...

"All the people in New York City
I know you're all going broke, but you're tough
Yeah, hot stuff, hot stuff"
The Rolling Stones

Valentino thomas said...
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Anonymous said...

Tell me who got the 80/20 apartments in LIC facing the East River- it was all Chinese people. No it was never a Chinatown!
This report is biased! Where do the people live who wrote it? They don’t have to deal with gang bangers, having your life threatened by neighbors, music blasting all hours, people setting up shop on the sidewalk and drug dealing/drug using.
Lousy quality of life-
No I do not want to live around crack heads and their dealers.
It is way too dangerous. You can’t sleep at night for the horrible noise. The drug dealers
don’t have to get up in the morning to go to work.
Let’s look at NYCHA projects where people pay based on income and is overwhelmingly black- it wasn’t always like that. Why isn’t anyone doing a report on who is not getting NYCHA apartments?

Anonymous said...

Learn from this parable: The petunia ate the frog by drowning it in sap

Anonymous said...

The democrats believe we should be so honored to be living in their sewer city that we should consider being plastered with sewage to be a wonderful privilege and be ever gleeful for it!