Thursday, July 11, 2019

Friend of family burns down their house after they ask him to leave

 NY Post

 A man who was taken in by a Queens family when he needed a place to stay returned the kindness with unspeakable horror — setting the home ablaze in a gasoline-fueled inferno that not only killed him but also two of his host’s family members, including a 6-year-old girl, police sources and family said Thursday.

David Abreu Nuñez, 27, went off the rails inside the Moreno family’s two-story Elmhurst home on 93rd Street Wednesday afternoon, sparking the top-floor blaze after he was asked to pack up and go.

“We were helping someone and they were asked to leave because we found out certain things about that person and he just lost it,” said homeowner Raul Moreno, referring to Nuñez. “And this is the price we pay for helping somebody.”

Moreno said that Nuñez was a friend of a family member and had been staying at the home since Monday.

“He had no place to go. He was kicked out of his room or his apartment or something like that,” Moreno said. “He had no place to go, so we were like, ‘Stay here for a couple of days, we’ll help you find a place.’”

Moreno added: “Then we found out his past and we just asked him to leave because we had kids in the house.”

Nuñez had “mental issues,” Moreno said, claiming, “He would fabricate a lot of lies … things just didn’t add up. It made us very suspicious.”

“We just asked him to leave in a nice manner. We didn’t force anybody. I just asked him, ‘It’s time for you to leave’ and he just lost it.”

After the blaze, the FDNY found a five-gallon gas can on the floor where the fire started, sources said.

The two-alarm fire left Nuñez, Emma Dominguez, 6, and her 76-year-old grandfather, Claudio Rodriguez, dead, police sources said.

Emma’s mom, 35-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Emma’s 10-month-old brother, Liam Dominguez-Rodrigo, were critically injured, the sources said.


Anonymous said...

"Mental Issues?" Ya think? Always get a full psychiatric report before you invite anyone into your home! Same goes for electing a mayor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't let crazy people establish residence in your house.
It never goes well when you need to get them out, typical conclusion to a sad story.

Anonymous said...

I'd go crazy, with that brick monstrosity next to me!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for this family's loss of two young children in this horrible crime. I can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

That's why people are never nice to anyone now, because of lunatics like this azzhole. Should set this azzhole on fire to pay back.

Anonymous said...

Some friend. There's a special circle of hell for people who repay kindness like this.

Anonymous said...

THis is why we need to psychiatrically regulate the teachers and preachers who produce such creatures

Anonymous said...

You understand, we need to give everyone over forty electroconvulsive therapy every ten years so they forget all the weird things they picked up. Remember the B5 "death of personality" episode?

Anonymous said...

Deep brain stimulation is where they drill wires into your head to cook the nuts out