Wednesday, November 25, 2020

CUNY cop killed in shootout with NYPD

 NY Post

 Two Queens cops were shot Tuesday by a CUNY peace officer — who had his guns taken away in a previous domestic dispute, only to have them returned to him weeks ago, police said.

One of the officers was left bleeding heavily from a wound to his right upper thigh, while the other was shot in both hands — both suffering “very serious injuries,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference.

The pair were wounded during an exchange of gunfire that erupted as soon as 41-year-old suspect Rondell Goppy walked through the door of his Springfield Gardens home with his gun blazing amid a domestic dispute around 12:45 p.m., Shea said.

Minutes earlier, the officers — identified by law-enforcement sources as Christopher Wells and Joseph Murphy — had escorted Goppy’s 41-year-old wife back to the troubled couple’s apartment at 145-86 179th St.

The wife was getting her things so she could stay somewhere else after a violent incident between the pair in the morning over alleged infidelity, police said.

“The wife walked into the 105th Precinct this morning. She said her husband choked her,’’ a law-enforcement source told The Post. “The domestic-violence officers went back with her to the house to get some stuff.”

It appears that Goppy wasn’t still in the home at the time. The cops and woman were then inside for about 6 minutes when “almost instantly, [Goppy] walks in through the front door and starts shooting at our two officers,” Shea said.

Goppy blasted away in “a combat stance” before he was shot multiple times and killed — and his wife ended up notifying police that two of their own were struck by bullets when she called 911 to report the gunfire, sources said.


Anonymous said...

The woman cheated on the man and he confronts her. She calls the domestic violence cops and its RIP for him

Anonymous said...

He wasn’t a cop.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the cops, here they are the real victims.

She walks in on her own two feet and says "I was chocked".

Cheating, lying covered up by the "progressive" laws or whatever they are.

Anonymous said...

Here come the next “peaceful protests” and looting

AOC’s Mustache said...

Send in the social workers next time!

Anonymous said...

Send in the social workers next time!

Free sex and drinks! Said the bartender political hack.

Anonymous said...

Probably John Jay College of Criminal Justice, that bastion of corruption and shady shit.