Thursday, November 19, 2020

Here come the transit service cuts and fare hikes



During the peak of the pandemic last spring, MTA buses became the workhorse of the transit system, shuttling more daily riders than the subway for the first time in decades.

Even after fare collection resumed in late August, the ridership decline on buses never fell nearly as steep as subway use.

But when the MTA unveiled its proposed “Doomsday” cuts Wednesday — potentially slashing service by 40% by next May and eliminating more than 9,000 jobs — bus workers were set to absorb close to two-thirds of the positions lost.

Riders who rely on buses, meanwhile, were left wondering how they’d get around a city still slowed by COVID-19.

“Believe me, it’s going to be ugly,” said Michelle Singleton, 55, a nurse from Harlem who, prior to the pandemic, commuted on the M11. “That’s why I won’t be riding the bus any more.”

At the agency’s monthly board meeting, MTA officials presented worst-case scenarios should the agency be unable to secure $12 billion in emergency federal funding to help close the enormous deficits created by the pandemic.

Without a bailout, the MTA faces a slew of unappetizing prospects — including higher-than-projected fare and toll increases, the elimination of seven-day and 30-day unlimited MetroCards and significant cuts to subway, bus and commuter rail frequency.

“We know that any reduction in service will hurt the city and the region, including customers who need us most,” Patrick Foye, the MTA chairperson said at the meeting. “But without the certainty of substantial federal dollars, there is no recourse.”

For buses, that could mean the elimination of entire lines, a slowdown on long-planned route redesigns in each borough, even the loss of a next-bus texting service and on-board WiFi.


NY Daily News

Transit fares in New York will go up next spring — and the MTA is considering eliminating unlimited ride MetroCards as a part of the hike.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority board on Wednesday voted to seek fare hikes that boost passenger revenue by 4%. Over the next two months, transit officials will review a slate of proposals to meet that target.

One idea is to keep the base subway and bus fare at $2.75 while eliminating the seven- and 30-day unlimited ride passes.

Another is to raise the base fare to $2.85. More options on the table include increasing the surcharge for new MetroCards from $1 to $3 and no longer allowing coin payments on buses.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this right.

Beijing on the Hudson, with bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Non existing public transportation system.

Vision Zero with no parking and other various scams.

Now my friends this is how you destroy a city.

Socialists always like other peoples' money with zero accountability for their actions.

Anonymous said...

What took so long? Should have been done month’s ago

Anonymous said...

Here come more covered license plates at the toll plazas and even more turnstile jumping.

Anonymous said...

How about everyone from the top down gets a pay freeze for however long it takes,to restructur the payroll system, medical benefits, and those lucrative pension plans. Btw,if busses and subway volume is or was down,why are they raising bridges and tunnels?

Anonymous said...

No wonder the subway is falling apart.

Check these out:

Shoving people onto the tracks?

Attacks, sucker punching?

Just about sums up De Blasio's reign as a mayor.

Anonymous said...

How about everyone from the top down gets a pay freeze for however long it takes,

Is a start. Better yet how about not getting paid until small businesses are open, economy returns to normal?

That should fix the Covid scam.

Anonymous said...

Pay freeze? That’s unlikely but a good idea, especially for the executives who are responsible for the mess the system is in. I can’t even go into
My subway station anymore...too dangerous

Anonymous said...

Pay freeze?

no. Dock them. all of them. Make them return their paychecks for destroying the economy while following globalist orders for the great reset whatever that means.

Then jail. For all of them.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Socialist's biggest flaw is they think social media is real life.
They don't care about you. They lost jobs in NY, but according to them, that was a win.
The NYC Tax base is shrinking so raise everything else to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

"Socialists like other peoples' money with zero accountability for their actions."

Just ask Chirlane McCray and Bill DeBlasio.

Over 1 billion dollars for ThriveNYC, yet more mentally ill people are on the streets and in our subway system pushing people onto the subway tracks. Or they are slashing, stabbing, beating, attacking people for no reason.

But do you hear a word from McCray or Deblasio. Hell no. No one in the media even questions them about this. A majority of New Yorkers and those in the media should call them out on their wasteful spending and lack of accountability for their actions.

Homeless drug addicts, homeless criminals and the mentally ill now Run New York City.

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
Who wants to ride the MTA and become the latest victim of a subway shove attack ?
NYC is going, no wait is down the drain !!!

Anonymous said...

Pay $3.00 the shove and murder is free. On the city.