Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Nicole Malliotakis is a congresswoman 


Republican Nicole Malliotakis has declared victory over Democratic incumbent Max Rose in the contentious congressional race in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn’s 11th District.

Malliotakis won just over 58 percent of in-person votes (127,213) in the swing district on Tuesday night, according to the Board of Elections’ unofficial election night results. Rose collected approximately 41 percent of in-person votes (90,560).

Malliotakis declared victory shortly after 10 pm Tuesday with a margin of about 36,000 votes — and little to no way of Rose catching up regardless of the close to 40,000 absentee ballots in the air.


Anonymous said...

TRUMP WON, IT'S OVER. Dems to start their tinfoil conspiracy theory spinning as cope and to try and delegitimize yet another term.

Anonymous said...

the only good news from brainwashed into socialism NYC

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. Maybe there is a chance for NYC. Not!

Anonymous said...

Well done Nicole. Saying this as an American not a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the people of Staten Island are the only sane ones left in this shithole city. Well Done.

Now maybe Max can become the spokesman for BLM.
WELCOME to the real world dipshit.

Anonymous said...

The day I support Republicans is the day we abolish social security and Medicaid and Medicare. Down with all socialism. I want to see all these programs ended along with American farmer subsidies. It all steals from the taxpayers!!