Sunday, November 8, 2020

Arbitrary fines from pandemic guidelines are crippling small businesses


CBS New York

  Business owners already struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic are getting hit again, this time with summonses and fines for not following COVID guidelines.

Lorraine Gericke, manager of Best Tress Hair Salon, was told by a city inspector she was doing it all wrong, using a notebook to write down customers’ temperatures and information for contact tracing.

“They’re slapping us with a $1,000 fine, which is so unfair,” she told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

The penalty of one grand is because they did not use city forms instead.

“We were not aware that we needed these,” Gericke said.

 Yi Qiang Chen learned he needed a paper displayed on his Jade Bamboo restaurant storefront indicating maximum capacity.

“I’m angry but I cannot do nothing you know,” he said.

He says the inspector told him, and just one day later, another inspector returned and fined him $1,000.

“They don’t give me the time to do that, you know,” Chen said.

On one block of Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village, Queens, at least four business were hit with fines and, in some cases, multiple fines.

Louise Fawcett, of Matson’s Delicatessen, has five documents displayed on her deli’s door, but she says she was fined $1,000 for not having a thermometer.

“You have to have one that’s non-contact,” Fawcett said. “I ordered it online the day before they gave me a summons.”

“Give them a warning,” New York City Councilmember Robert Holden said. “No, they won’t do that.”

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Pinky said...

None of the states have certified who the president is. But if it is Biden get ready for Chinese concentration camps! See Epoch Times who doesn't vote or have an agenda for more!

Anonymous said...

Some of you cheering on the fake MSM announcement, really CIA propaganda arm, now you are complaining about this?

Wait until the commies really start taking charge.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, looters, rioters, vandals and "mostly peaceful" protestors get a free pass.

Anonymous said...

ELECTION THEFT Of The Century and some Americans act like there is nothing to see !
Joe Biden: 47 years and didnt see a foreign intervention he didnt like.
"We tortured some folks" Obama First World Privilege !
Trump no Wars and two Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

Anonymous said...

Needless wars,
Unkept promises
Hugh deficits

These are the ingredients of our new President !

Anonymous said...

Trump was looking at 293 with MASSIVE leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan.

Then only 4 hours later he was only winning by a few hundred thousand, then after THREE DAYS of counting all those late tactical Democrat elective mail in votes he started to lose those states, then minutes later on the news, BIDEN IS THE WINNER!

Like WTH?

Anonymous said...

Democrats: 2016 Russian rigged the Election.
Democrats: 2020 There is no way to rig an Election.

Anonymous said...

OH, but you're all democrats in NYC, surely you can work this out.

Anonymous said...

Our businesses out here in the hinterland got $9,000 a piece to rebuild because of setbacks from COVID. Catch up with flyover country, New Yorker's.

Anonymous said...

The deep state mind control is very sophisticated.