Saturday, July 25, 2020

Ready on the left

More insurgents claim primary wins 3

Absentee counts are proving a repeat of the blue progressive wave of 2018.

As of Wednesday night, the absentee ballot count yielded several more victories for insurgent Democratic primary candidates for Assembly across western and southern Queens.

Progressive challengers Jenifer Rajkumar, Jessica González-Rojas and Zohran Mamdani each claimed victory over incumbents, based on unofficial counts. The outlier to the trend is senior Assemblymember Jeff Aubry (D-Corona), who was able to expand his lead over challenger Hiram Monserrate in the aftermath of election day.

The next step is for the Board of Elections to certify the results. The general election is Nov. 3.

Rajkumar, an Indian-American lawyer from Woodhaven, came out with 3,624 votes to Assemblyman Mike Miller’s (D-Woodhaven) 1,469 total.

Rajkumar’s apparent win in Assembly District 38, which stretches over Woodhaven, Ridgewood, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and Glendale, would make her the first South Asian woman to be elected to the state Legislature. She noted that her campaign came out on top in every single election district, and that she won by the largest margin of any Assembly candidate in the election cycle.

“Our campaign had been able to achieve the near impossible by winning with a margin of 27 percentage points during a global pandemic. When the people of South Queens needed a leader, our office was the first to show up, setting up a 24/7 Coronavirus response team that operates in seven languages,” said Rajkumar. “As President John F. Kennedy once said: ‘The life of service is a constant test of your will.’”


Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between mail in ballot ,and absentee ballot. I have my idea,anyone care to share their definition ­čÖé

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of empty store fronts after august when the eviction hold is lifted. I do not see any policies the progress left has proposed that will help us get back to normal. In fact, all the previous policies of the progressive left will make nyc's come back that much harder. I wish everyone luck in the coming months as we all find a way to move forward.

Anonymous said...

cannot fix the stupid

Anonymous said...

Hiram Monserrate has some balls running for public office again. What's even crazier is that there are people who actually voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Big deal, far left Democrats replacing left Democrats in existing Democratic seats in a heavily Democratic body of over 100 seats. You think they are really in it for the civil service or for the big paycheck, even if just for two years?

Ned said...

No republican can win so I rather take my chances with the Indian chick.
All the Indians I know are very conservative, they are pro 2nd amendment for self defense, clean, hate crime and hate street thugs.
She also looks hot, and dresses well. I'm tired of these ugly underhanded bastards like Crowley who cant even dress themselves. Include knocking down historic churches for development and teaching their own children how to be thugs. --Pushing 72 year old granny's in stairwells and shelters down our throats, putting on knee pads everytime the mayor came a calling.
Queens needs to learn the feathers don't fall far from the gritty shit.


Anonymous said...

"I wish everyone luck in the coming months as we all find a way to move forward"

Luck will be needed indeed.
The free money is also drained and over.
They will be coming through you windows, carjacking for a dollar, jewelry or prescription drugs. Stock up and read up on how to defend yourself and family because the cops are wearing the handcuffs, defunded, and no longer give a shit just waiting it out doing what they are told to put in for retirement with pension.
Its going to be the Outlaw Wild Wild West of post 1865, the civil war and great depression running in tandem. And more deaths then both combined.
I think may take 30 years to recover and we may be flying the Chines flag by then with all the socialist commies headed to office