Saturday, July 4, 2020

A hard rain's gonna fall...

Queens Chronicle

A march to support New York’s besieged Police Department ended with an angry confrontation last Sunday night between pro-cop demonstrators and a group of Black Lives Matter activists.

The march, which ended at Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village, looked like a repeat of a similar, peaceful walk earlier in the week — a display of solidarity with cops who have been the target of mass demonstrations in New York and around the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer May 25 in Minneapolis.

But as the approximately 60 marchers entered the park after a mile-and-a-half walk through the neighborhood and along Metropolitan Avenue, they were met by about 20 counterprotesters. The counterprotesters carried signs calling for the defunding of the Police Department and accusing the NYPD of protecting “bad cops” on the force.

Heated words were exchanged and the two groups flipped middle fingers at each other, but there was no physical altercation.

“I saw the BLM people walking towards us” at the end of the march, said Phil Wong, one of the organizers of the pro-cop walks. “They were clearly there to start an exchange.”

Police who had been accompanying the march in order to control traffic and keep the walk orderly quickly rushed from the edges of the park when they saw the confrontation shaping up. The cops stationed themselves between the groups, working to calm the potentially serious situation. The two groups exchanged chants. “Black lives matter” drew a response of “All lives matter” from the pro-cop marchers.

No arrests were made.

The weather put a damper on the confrontation. A sudden, heavy downpour sent both groups scurrying out of the park after about 15 minutes. A handful of die-hards remained in the park to hash out their differences in the soaking rain.


faster340 said...

God forbid people who support the police have their own opinion. In today's society you are wrong if your opinion is different than that of the trendy latest and greatest opinion.

Anonymous said...

Overheard today in the deli “ does this BLM movement also include the black and black crimes? Should we say Some lives matter here or not?” Got me thinking.

Anonymous said...


If that offends or "triggers" you, tough $hit.

Anonymous said...

following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer

Many would say "the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer". But recognizing that doesn't mean that all police are murderers.

Anonymous said...

I see mostly, if not all, white faces in the BLM photo. I believe that some left wing antifa group has usurped the BLM logo for their own cause. Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

The communist troublemakers got off way too easy.
They need a good old ass kicking like they received on City Island. --The bastards didn't even make it across the bridge.
It was like a scene in the movie "Summer of Sam" but not a peep in the news.
BTW these bastard communist terrorists had come in on bicycles and backpacks the night before and planted, rocks, thumbtacks, gasoline, lighter fluid and bottles of piss in the trashcans, yards and hallways.
The worst thing about this is most of them are white college & highschool kids being indoctrinated into this socialism via the use of civil disobedience, violence and domestic terrorism.
They should all be placed in army C140w and shipped to the Arabs if they hate America that much.

Anonymous said...

Black Crime Statistics Matter


The Ghost of George Floyd said...

Can you break a twenty?

Anonymous said...

Mostly Twitter Fools and brainwashed college soy brats !

Anonymous said...

Good for City Islanders. Remember it well. Sorry I had to leave but needed my peace of mind. Now I have it. I hope we're as tough as you folks when it counts. Stay the course.

Anonymous said...

City Islanders had something like 200 big guys outside the veterans hall and the Albanians that own two of the restaurants just spent $400K remodeling brought in some really scary protection, Zips? ----and holy shit were those guys ready for business.
The terrorists united everybody on the island (even some Mexicans) The terrorists didn't stand a chance.
It clear that strong arming in big numbers is the only effective way to deal with this garbage, this shit, this oozing sore of 2 legged animals
Middle Village needs to be ready and more organized but the problem is it has too many stupid immigrants who believe anything goes, lawless like the filthy corrupt shithole country's they came from.

Anonymous said...

Well when their kids get killed from gun violence, let's see how many of these BLM protesters are in front of the camera crying "my baby" and trying to sue the police again but meanwhile, there will be no police the way they are going. Instead of the BLM protesting for better things that matter like black on black crime or funding their schools better or more equal pay in the workplace, they CHOOSE to protest for a man who wasnt even a good man. Let's face it, george floyd was no saint himself and neither was the cop who killed him. I agree the cops need to be retrained but not defunded.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone on here who voted in these inept and corrupt vermin who run the city and state, has had enough time to rethink their choices and their alignment with the Democrat party?
Surely there must be a lightbulb going off in the collective heads of "moderate" democrats (if there are still any left) about how wrong their choices and their policies have been for this nation and this city.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

"kids get killed from gun violence"

Why blame guns?
Guns don't shoot people, people shoot people.
Tessa Majors was killed by a 14 year old with a knife over a Iphone.
More murders in big city's are committed with knives, DWI and drug dealer's selling cheap cut dope laced with fentanyl then firearms.

Stop blaming guns before they take them away when you will need them most.
---that's coming, this as the democrats disintegrate the police department and NYC becomes another hell hole like El-Salvador or Columbia where the gangs bust into your home and kill you just for being white, having money or owning anything nice (like a cute 14 year old daughter) and not sharing it with them.

If we get disarmed we are F_CKED because then the bad guys know who's armed and who's disarmed.
The term "gun violence" is bullshit propaganda coined by the loony left.
Violence is violence period !!

Anonymous said...

Guns & capitalism are what made this the great country what it once was.
This country's had guns since it inception, its the overcrowded, ignorant, desperate inner city people going nuts that are the problem.
If a thug breaks into your home one should have the right to kill him on the spot, no requirement to stand down and retreat out some bathroom window and call 911,
no trials, no lawsuits. The homeowner, all in the household should be indemnified from being sued by home invaders period. A scumbag committing a robbery or home invasion voids his or his family's right to sue.

Castle doctrine as it was intended (like in Texas) not this useless watered down perverted deBlasio, Obama and Cuomo family version.

Anonymous said...

Defund politicians police protection and replace it with social workers.