Saturday, July 18, 2020

How do you solve a problem like Astoria?

The following videos are presented without comment.

Unruly Crowd in Street Throwing Objects at Police @CitizenApp

28th Ave & Steinway St 1:31:51 AM EDT


Anonymous said...

Typical NYC. Looks like a typical Latin street festival. Just moved from lower east side to Astoria.

georgetheatheist said...

Drivers join in. Tomorrow, Sunday, July 19.

BACK THE BLUE Car-horn-honking procession from the 107 precinct in Kew Gardens Hills via Jewel Avenue-69th Road, over VanWyck/GCP/Flushing Meadows park, down Jewel Avenue crossing Queens Blvd then down Yellowstone to the nearby 112th precinct.

Starts at 11AM. Bring signs too. Pedestrians: a good vantage point for cheering is at the Queens Blvd intersection of the procession route.

Show your support of the NYPD. End NYC lawlessness.

JQ LLC said...

Well, the city council wanted more "open streets"

Anonymous said...

No one is holding their local leadership responsible, and since they do not, no one going to bat for them. The cops just stroll up and down the street.

The local blogs fight with each other and blame the mayor (this is Trump territory in that crowd) so nothing will get done except trashing the community ... and making connected bars very very rich with 'clean' money that will be invested in a decade's worth of housing.

Bottom line, it will continue.

Captain Renault said...

"How do you solve a problem like Astoria?"


Aquaman said...

Where are the water cannons?

Anonymous said...

QC Reader said...
"It’s sick out there and getting sicker!"
Bob Grant

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone??? No word from Gianaris, silence from AOC, fake anger from Costa. This has been going on for weeks!! I’ve made numerous complaints and calls and NOW that it’s made the news we’re seeing some action. Safety protocols are thrown out the window and guidelines ignored while everyone is drinking the night away. These are cash only businesses that contributed nothing to the community and nothing to stimulate the economy. Bring your own booze to the party.. cause some havoc and go home at 4am. Fighting, racing, Drugs, drinking and driving...hold these establishments up and down Steinway st accountable for the chaos.

Anonymous said...

I have the answer. Abolish the police and send DeBozo and the city council out to solve the problem. He and the morons on the city council seem to have all the answers to societies problems.

Anonymous said...

The only problem is the noise. These are young people out having a good time. Most know the "pandemic" is bullshit. Must be awful living in constant fear.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame - the community was strong once and you can see from the Facebook accounts of those that grew up here how tight the community was.


After FLOODING our inboxes demanding campaign donations its leadership is MIA. They never thought that something like this would happen as they have managed to strangle any voices that do not read from the script to warn them. So things should be smooth. Right?

Piece by piece as the developers enriched themselves they cared little on who moved in or efforts to build any sense of community. Neighborhood disappeared. Now this.

For a long time people complained about the Strand dropping kegs in courtyards at 4 AM, or the Astoria Manor being a noisy neighbor. People shouted them down and told them to move. The community board was run like a machine - a lot of board and little community (unless you lived off 21 or 23 Ave.)

Remember when Old Astoria Neighborhood first stated talking about taking over the streets for bars and restaurants? Remember how giddy the Inside Astoria got each time a waterhole opened - and stayed open for all of 6 months before they were replaced with ... another waterhole?

The shame here is that no one knows what to do or whom to blame. Its not easy when you only have the Squad with 'important' things to do and Hacks who do not answer the phone to work with. Coupled with depression era job loss, rents unpaid on poorly built highly mortgaged properties, and crime sure to climb as they let anyone into those apartments to pay off the mortgages, the future looks more dystopian each month.

This could very well be the start for the end of Astoria.

JQ LLC said...

Re: back the blue.

It's an inevitability that the vantage point at Queens Blvd will be attended by Black Lives Matter protesters too. If not there, then a bunch of them following the procession from Kew Gardens Hills.

With all the shootings going on and people getting assaulted and slashed randomly, there really needs to be a pause of all these protests and rally marches so the cops can do their jobs instead of chaperoning and trying to separate raging people during these culture and political clashes.

See you all on social media.

JQ LLC said...

Another inevitability is a predominantly White BLM bike cavalry for the cops to tail for hours.

Fun city.

georgetheatheist said...

BCSM . . . Black Crime Statistics Matter.

I have to laugh at the racial wussies in BLM. Have they forgotten Black Life Anthony Robinson shot to death by his "own kind" while walking his Black Life 6 year old daughter crossing a street in the Bronx? Have they forgotten 1 year old Black Life Davell Gardner shot in the belly by his "own kind" in Bed-Stuy?

If the racial wussies in BLM had any balls they'd march into the Bronx and Brooklyn and take on Black gangs, Crips and Bloods et alia Black thuggery, instead of wanting to tear down statues and paint doodles in the street. You and I, dear Crap reader, know why they don't. They're afraid to get a bullet in their heads.

I'd pay money to especially see a white bicycling snowflake wave a protest sign in the face of a gun-toting drug-dealing gangsta in the bowels of Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Give someone control of New York that knows what they are doing !

JQ LLC said...


I mentioned that before too about going to where Black lives are being lost. But it's not going to stop this march and rally from becoming another Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights

Anonymous said...

"These are young people out having a good time." Ha Ha !
Drunk and stupid is no way to act. Cut off the Welfare and make them work for a living.

Fire Them All said...

"BACK THE BLUE Car-horn-honking procession', pretty much says it all about the current NYPD. Too lazy to get out of their cars. They spend the most part of their days sitting on their fat asses in air conditioned cars staring at their smart phones.
If only the Mayor had the balls to fire every last one of them. From the good for nothing commissioner all the way down to the cop on the cushion. They really are a classic example of socialism gone radically wrong.

Anonymous said...

Abolish the police and this will be in every community. Send out the ambassadors you know those non threatening unarmed people who will TALK to those people. Yeah let’s see that work. They don’t listen to authorities so why listen to some little guy in glasses telling you to go home.

Anonymous said...

It’s really unfortunate that we don’t have a balanced media. If we did then people would know that black on black crime is not ignored and there are always protests about that.

Anonymous said...

NYPD need to step up their game. I have had friends and friends who are cops. Not an easy job.

How can the NYPD report 10% sick leave during the height of the pandemic while postal workers, EMT, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, doctors, showed up for work?

They claim it’s the court system slowing down but their own computer stats show a huge drop in arrests from the prior year as reported by NY1.