Sunday, July 5, 2020

DeBlasio & Council screw community out of better police protection

From the Queens Chronicle:

Residents of Southeast Queens thought 40 years of advocacy and hard work had come to fruition in July 2017 when Mayor de Blasio joined them along with NYPD brass and elected officials in Rosedale, next to the land that was finally going to become the NYPD’s new 116th Precinct.

But with a stroke of his pen, de Blasio transferred the $92 million in capital funding to other projects, including a community center in Roy Wilkins Park in St. Albans.

NYPD critics, including those on the City Council, had advertised that they were looking to cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s operating budget, and much of that was switched to other departments for social service programs.

The NYPD last week told the Chronicle that it was committed to fulfilling its promise to the residents of Southeast Queens.

But the mayor and Council also agreed on more than $530 million in cuts to the NYPD’s capital budget, and the 116th Precinct proved to be too tempting a target.

And one of the most ardent proponents of police reform on the Council — Public Safety Committee Chairman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) — also was the biggest supporter of the precinct in City Hall.

“I voted against the budget,” Richards told the Chronicle in an interview.

See what they lost out on by caving.


See where all that money that was snatched from the 116th of which it's still being spent on the NYPD is actually going to. What is the "special expense"?

One thing's for sure, the city and the NYPD (and the protesters of Occupy City Hall) feels the residents of Southeast Queens lives aren't that special and don't matter much.




Anonymous said...

no worries, they are going to vote even more radical left mayors.. That's what they can, the rest of us must probably leave..

Anonymous said...

The chances of someone dying when the police are called rises dramatically

Anonymous said...

When you only have seconds, NYPD is just minutes away....

You voted for shithead...

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap, many of us were saying this from the beginning. Yet many on this Blog called us idiots and racists, yet here we are.

Anonymous said...

The left is completely insane. Why anyone would support the Democrat Party with the history of the KKK, Woodrow Wilson, Jim Crow, Bull Connor and anti civil rights is off the wall crazy. But here we are. Congrats I guess.

Anonymous said...

Just like his homelessness plan went bust.
This bail reform will go bust and then the defunding etc of the police what will this mayor be remembered for? I’m still thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Social services is knocking on doors offering landlords cash and stamped permits take in basement jailbirds & homeless females with children.
The mayor wants white owned private home neighborhoods destroyed, has a huge beef with Middle Village & Glendale

Anonymous said...

"Queens Crap, many of us were saying this from the beginning"

Yes in deed, got called the usual "Racist" and "Oh stop it not gonna happen" proceeded by "It is what it is"
These liberals are going after private small home ownership, home premises guns and the US Constitution next.
They want to make another Denmark here.
As in bring some Rikers or single mom of 5 drug addict to your home, toss you in re-education and take your home if you disagree.
Euthanize you if you come down with COPD, Cancer or Alzhimers because that the only way they can afford universal government heatthcare

TommyR said...

You'll know people have either shifted their stance or had enough when another R gets the mayorship.

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. I thought we were supposed to be having a “summer of love”.

Anonymous said...

Georgia governor sending in national guard to offset the mayor's short comings.
Is NYC next ? Even Barbarians have better standards ...

-Ned said...

NYC will never allow national guard or any military to be used on civilians or criminals.
Not even if its being burned to the ground
Both deBlasio and the Governor doesn't want any communists, liberals or criminals getting hurt.
The city also does not want ANY new cases generated by such action. This is due to the fact that is mostly blacks protesters setting the fires and committing the most violence.
This until the NYPD finds a way to show equal 50/50 percent Black/White arrest rate.

Anonymous said...

When I was in the military, an M.P., we were assigned to guard, with loaded M16s, 45s and bayonets, the Main Brooklyn Post Office in 1970 during the Post Office strike. Sorry Ned, when it has to be done the U.S. military will do it.

RosedaleKing said...

Don't think any of you idiots know shit about Rosedale. We have a police princinct, the 105 right behind lirr. Trump supporters always claim they are not racist but they always show their true colors.