Sunday, July 19, 2020

Jimmy's got a little bit of bitch in him


Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer has gone AWOL.

He has not answered one question put to him this year by the Queens Post publications—after nearly 10 years of quick responses and lengthy statements.

What’s changed?

The Queens Post ran an article Jan. 20 covering the borough president debate that was held in Sunnyside. The article contained some strong accusations leveled against him by Donovan Richards.

Richards challenged Van Bramer’s anti real estate stance–saying that it was prompted by the emergence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that he had taken hefty contributions from the real estate industry for years.

He also said that Van Bramer had supported the Queens County Democratic Machine at times, despite saying he staunchly opposed it.

Our reporter naturally researched Richards’ arguments and reported on them.

She found that Van Bramer had taken tens of thousands of dollars from big real estate developers for many years, while noting that the council member stopped accepting them in 2018.

Additionally, our reporter revealed that Van Bramer had contributed large sums in 2017 to support candidates who were part of the Queens County Democratic machine. She also noted that he backed Joseph Crowley, the leader of the so-called machine, in 2018 when he ran against Ocasio-Cortez.

Van Bramer has ignored the publication ever since that article ran. E-mails and texts to his staff have not been acknowledged.

E-mails last week to Van Bramer’s staff asking him about an anti-Semitic incident in Woodside were ignored.

E-mails asking him about his thoughts pertaining to the development plans in Long Island City–ignored.

Constant texts to Van Bramer’s chief of staff Matt Wallace, who the publication has had a good relationship with for many years, have been unanswered.

Last week, a young freelance reporter of ours looking to launch a writing career managed to get through to Van Bramer. The reporter, 18 years of age, asked him for comment concerning a Sunnysider who had established an outdoor library on Skillman Avenue.

Van Bramer’s response to the reporter: “Yeah… it’s not personal to you. I made a decision in January to not respond to anything from the SP [QueensPost].”

 It's an overused dis, but what a snowflake.

And before the cancel culture creeps come chasing me accusing me of homophobia and sexism, this is only what I'm taking about. 


TommyR said...

Snowflake indeed! Hopefully the continued rise of citizen journalism mitigates this childish behavior, and some point a petulant whiner can just retreat to "no comment at this time".

Anonymous said...

Try getting any of these politicians to support your project. If it gives the a forum to promote themselves, or doesn't interfere with the developers, their donors, they will sit down with you. If not, do not have the time of day for you.

Everything is me! me! me! with them.

Talked with this guy when he first got in office about something bad for the community caused by one of his backers. Since then, years later, he has not had the time of day for us, who pay his salary.

He thinks he is above us - as to all his colleagues. He thinks that if you disagree with him you are not entitled to an opinion. Widely disliked in his own community.

ron s said...

Political hack. And the surprise is......

Anonymous said...

Jimmy's got a little bit of she in he

JQ LLC said...

Last anon: re:Funkadelic

You caught that one huh.

Standing on the verge of getting it on...

Anonymous said...

Thank God he's term limited

Anonymous said...

"Thank God he's term limited"
Un-Like AOC who will be in office for ever !

Anonymous said...

What a sycophantic, arrogant, evil, predatory coward of epic government fail - a terminally depraved, intolerant extremist, corporate obedient, bought and paid for, low level, even lower IQ henchman/subhuman of no importance who even gives MENDACITY a bad name! He should be impeached forthwith. But, alas, the silence of the 'SHEEPLE' is deafening!

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer is so cartoonishly narcissistic, and such a stereotypical politician, that I sometimes have trouble believing that he isn't a fictional character. The man never misses an opportunity to put his face on camera. He should never again be allowed to hold public office. As the previous posters mentioned, thank Christ he's been term-limited.

Anonymous said...

JVB for Assembly 2022!

Anonymous said...

I product of our toxic library board and management.

For Christ sake, Queens is so corrupt they had to remove the library board. They never told us exactly why they did it but it must have been a real doozy.

Anonymous said...

"JVB for Assembly 2022!"
I’m not even gonna pretend to stifle my laughter !

Anonymous said...

The only thing I liked about JVB is that he hired an attractive staff member, Amanda Nasner. Other than that, I hope a DSA member wins that seat next year.

Anonymous said...

DSA Member, Oh you mean Marxist !
Only Far Leftist idiots would think defunding the police, supporting rioters, and forbidding people from leaving their house is a winning election strategy ! #TRUMP2020 #MAGA

Anonymous said...

"The only thing I liked about JVB is that he hired an attractive staff member, Amanda Nasner. Other than that, I hope a DSA member wins that seat next year."
Beavis: Hehehehehehehehehehhehehehe
Butthead: Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu