Saturday, December 14, 2019

NYC Department Of Environmental Protection debuted new sewer infrastructure in Southeast Queens a few days before South Ozone Park homes got deluged with dung water


After breaking ground in the community of Brookville in southeast Queens earlier this year marking the beginning of an $84 million infrastructure upgrade project, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced on Nov. 26 the installation of new storm box sewers to help alleviate flooding. 

DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza joined with the Department of Design and Construction’s (DDC) Deputy Commissioner for Infrastructure Eric Macfarlane and Councilman Donovan Richards to review the progress of the project that includes the installation of 9-foot-by-5-foot storm box sewers. 

“To date, 1,650 feet of storm sewers, 2,500 feet of sanitary sewers and 11,800 feet of water mains have been installed,” the DDC said in a statement to QNS. “Additionally, 25 hydrants were replaced and seven additional fire hydrants were installed as well.” 

The project, which is funded by DEP and managed by DDC, is anticipated to be completed in the summer 2021. The large box sewer will form one of the major spines for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $1.9 billion buildout of the drainage system throughout southeast Queens. 
It was a much-needed development for the area which has historically flooded even with the slightest bit of rain, Richards said. 

“This is one of 55 projects that are slated for southeast Queens over the course of the next decade or two, and these are projects that have been on the books for a very long time, like many other projects in southeast Queens,” said Richards, former chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee, who lobbied for infrastructure investment in the community. 

Going by what happened on Thanksgiving weekend, it looks like this upgrade didn't make it to South Ozone Park yet.


Anonymous said...

Big deal! I live in a town of 750 people. We just replace 23 of our old 87 town fire hydrants, and, get this, we used our own money to do it. Hate to pop your balloon, but you have nothing to crow about.

TommyR said...

Why comment on a place you don't live in? Go crow about your dust-peck village elsewhere....

..moving on..All affected home-owners need to lawyer up and press charges. If the City gets away with this because of their inaction (they have to TRY at least), then it'll know it has cart-blanche to quite literally shit all over homeowners, while raping them with taxes with impunity.

Anonymous said...

TommyR said..."Why comment on a place you don't live in ?"
Tommy can you hear me ? I get what # 1 is saying why can't you ?

Anonymous said...

Tommy Toons says That's All Folks,exit stage left.

Anonymous said...

We read, because we don't want ignorance to take us over, like it has you, Tommy R.! NYC is a prime example of what America will be like in less than 50 years if we don't wake up. 1984 is closer than you think!

Anonymous said...

You wish 50 years,try 15.