Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Mayor Big Slow finally shows up to South Ozone Park to assess waste water damage

CBS New York I am here now he says. Idiot.


Anonymous said...

He thought they were all white then someone told him there are minorities there.

Anonymous said...

What delicious irony for a header: Mayor 'Raw Sewage' shows up to assess MORE raw sewage: In fact, ACTUAL raw sewage smells better than THIS counterfeit intellectual of epic government, humanitarian, ecological, fiscal and spiritual fail.

ALAS, the systemic damage that this predatory, monstrously failed public servant has inflicted onto City Hall will take more than a decade to remedy - and, that's IF We, the People will ever see honest, ethical leadership that leads by example, when 2021 rolls around. Meanwhile, the public be damned (again and STILL).

Men have been hanged for LESS!

Anonymous said...

When 2020 "rolls around" you will quite likely see Corey Johnson moving into Gracie Mansion. And if you think DiBlasio is bad, just wait til CoJo gets in...

Harry Bingham IV

Anonymous said...

He woke up. Vision Zero 25 mph is a good example. The world is too fast for him. So he needs to operate at a much slower speed. Nothing to see here folks.

Anonymous said...

Harry Bingham IV I beleive you are sadly correct !
The move to the far-left in New York politics will continue with no end in sight.

georgetheatheist said...

How do you spell "joke"? Answer: 311

You have a pressing problem and the first thing you here on 311 is alternate side street parking up-dates.

Anonymous said...

We, the People have NEVER been in control of our city and state governments of epic fail. Corey Johnson is a disgraceful parasite who ignores constituents like me with impunity. His entire staff recently hung up on me, and that was AFTER they assured me that they were going to help me, where Bill de BLASS-hole refused to help at all, since January, 2014.

A lazy government hack employed by Johnson's corrupt and dysfunctional office, whose name is Lynn C. Schulman (Community and Emergency Services Liaison, New York City Council - Office of the Speaker Community Engagement Commission - See where I am going here? Her F**KING title is longer than any accomplishment that she ever achieved!), promised to help me way back in 2017, when she gave me her personal cell telephone number, and she promised to resolve ALL of my issues that involved city and state cover-ups, pension fraud and accountability.

Then, the lies and excuses followed (I am on vacation, no one is responding from the mayor's and governor's office, the dog ate my homework, I left the oven on). It's a disgrace because I provided her and Corey Johnson with hard evidence over which the city is unlawfully being duped, and I am losing valuable pension benefits because of the dereliction of public duty for which HER office has purview to responsibly handle and investigate.

The sad tragedy about this 'do nothing, know nothing' patronage mill of a cushy job haven is that We, the People pay a soul-crushing price for their totally missing help and compassion to handle matters efficiently. They are all a crime family syndicate that perpetrates a hostile government environment, thereby making seriously bad matters far worse because they continue to behave like unresponsive tyrants.

Not only are they 'Too Big To Fail,' but now they are 'Too Big To CARE,' which is the reason for why lawlessness and vigilantism are both steadily on the rise (and, then a police state steps in to enforce and contain the taxpayer-constituent savages, while the REAL predators and barbarians are all comfortably protected by their own, self-imposed fortresses of PRIVATE SPLENDOR versus PUBLIC SQUALOR for everyone else! Of equal tragedy are the REAL lawlessness and openly practiced abuses of power that staunchly remain unchallenged at the top of the crumbling City Hall corridors of ALL failed public servants, all of whom have never worked for a living, and they never WILL!

And, the ever languishing public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!