Tuesday, December 31, 2019

MEGA developer wants rezoning permit for apartment buildings with movie theater and affordable housing components in Astoria


The proposed zoning actions seek not only to facilitate the development but also bring block’s current uses in conformance. On December 4, 2019, the City Planning Commission heard an application by Mega LLC and the Pancyprian Association of American to rezone and redevelop an entire block in Astoria, Queens. The applicants proposed two eight-story buildings connected at the ground floor level with a green space between the buildings. The development includes affordable housing components and the creation of a new theater for the Pancyprian Association.  Nora Martins from Akerman LLP and Emanuel Kokinakis from Mega LLC presented the application.

The rezoning will occur on Block 769 in Queens which is bounded by Ditmars Avenue to the north, 23rd Avenue to the South, 46th Street to the east and 45th Street to the west. The proposed development site is home to two one-story manufacturing buildings located respectively at 22-60 46th Street and 22-61 45th Street in Astoria. One building is vacant and the other is used by a contracting business for parking. On the same block but north of the proposed development site is Pistilli Grand Manor’s parking garage and just north of the garage is Pistilli Grand Mannor itself. Pistilli Grand Manor is a six-story residential condo building that was once home to the Steinway Piano Factory. To the south and east of the site, but still on the block, are one to two family residential homes and Joes Garage Bar, a one-story restaurant. Just a bit further south of the block and development site is the Grand Central Parkway.

The proposed development is a two-section, mixed-use building setback from the property line. The design features a six-story base with two setback floors above. There will be a shared residential landscaped green-roof courtyard between the buildings. The development includes 88 residential units, 28 of which dedicated to affordable housing. The residential tenants will have access to valet parking (70 spaces), a fitness center, resident lounge, play room, party room and an office center. The applicants have 7,060 square feet of commercial space planned for 45th street, adjacent to Joe’s Garage Bar. The 250-seat/ 11,000 square foot theater would be controlled and operated by the Pancyprian Association, but will be made available to other community based groups. Anticipated uses include youth orchestras and choirs, art exhibitions, book talks and panel discussions.


Anonymous said...

The Broadway/31 Street/Astoria Blvd/Vernon Blvd is a visual and traffic nightmare of poor planning - traffic clogged streets and ugly cheaply built buildings replacing what could have been quaint old school charm. Storefronts are a tiresome revolving carousel of often empty eateries, hookah lounges and gin mills. The sense of community, lamented by the Boomers, is in stark contrast to the Hipsters who meet, mate, and move not putting down any roots. Can you blame them?

In the spirit of Kronos, the Greek the god who ate his young, its only a matter of time before the Vallonians start to get burned by the cavalier attitude they have to the rest of the district. Now this is heading for Ditmars.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of zoning anymore? These devolpers come in and always get the zoning changed. When do we say enough is enough with these devolpers building oversized buildings that the surrounding area can't handle?

We should not be responsible to have housing for the entire world. The city is jammed packed as it is. We don't need any more building.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of zoning anymore?

As I have said before, Crappy needs to start to list how our elected officials vote. For example, we have Costa, the 'Green' ' Environmental' candidate who voted for the shopping mall on S I that is destroying salt marsh and is against the wishes of the local community. Then publicly ask him to reconcile his position. We need to simple list how they vote on issues, and contrast their public comments on those issues. It would be devastating to do that.

Oh, and that machine picked Beep, contrast his words with pictures from his district on how he is keeping his word. Time to move to the cyber age people.

ron s said...

Continuing the LIC'ing of Astoria.

TommyR said...

Yech. Anon^1's comment was a refreshingly poetic take, in contrast the usual crass commentary you usually see on QC. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Good description of Astoria development and goes a long way why Amazon and LIC wanted nothing do to with those guys spreading their 'magic' down here.

Since they got cut out, their 'boys' in office suddenly found 'religion' and are at the barricades fighting 'developers.'

If they wanted to fight developers DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT IN ASTORIA!!!