Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Queens Machine makes a special endorsement

Hilarious update, BP candidates Costa and Van Bramer are bellyaching about this: 

NY Post 

The Queens Democratic Party machine was up to its old tricks Monday — holding a hastily called, barely publicized meeting before 9 a.m. to endorse leaders’ chosen candidate for borough president, critics said.

“This could’ve been that opportunity to bring in those who want to be part of something larger,” contender and city Councilman Costa Constantinides tweeted. “Sad that won’t appear to happen.”
Party leaders were voting on who to endorse to replace Beep Melinda Katz, who is Queens’ new district attorney, in a special election likely to be held in March.

City Councilman Donovan Richards easily won the executive committee’s vote.

But Constantinides and other contenders were furious over the way things went down, saying the move smacked of a backroom deal.

“Received a letter yesterday, not email, saying @Queens_Dems will hold a district leader meeting this Monday at 845am. No agenda is set …,” the councilman tweeted.

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer also railed against the endorsement process.

“The corrupt Queens Democratic Machine is the opposite of democratic, and Monday’s meeting & endorsements are clearly a sham,” he tweeted. “I beat the county machine in my 2009 insurgent progressive campaign for Council and have proudly stood up against the machine since.
“Queens needs an independent Borough President, not another machine puppet.”


Anonymous said...

No surprise here...

Anonymous said...

"In our corner of the borough we've done so much"

Just exactly what has he done?

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed. Massa Crowley is still pulling the strings, along with the criminals Reich, Sweeney et al

I hate you Jimmy said...

If Van Bramer is all that & a bag o chips - why don’t he clean up the stinking filthy bum camp site under the LIRR trestle on 61st Street in Woodside? Next to the Catholic War Veterans & across from the Post Office! They’re using their sleeping area as a toilet it smells like a zoo!! If he can’t do this why would any one vote for him to be BP?