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Resorts World scapegoats gambler for their busted slot machines  121611casino10MATT

NY Post

Hundreds of angry gamblers at Resorts World Casino in Queens have been busting slot machines in fits of frustration — but a regular claims he was falsely accused by security of attacking a one-armed bandit.

Almost 500 people have been arrested for criminal mischief, many for breaking slot machines, since the gambling mecca opened in 2011. But Bronx resident Pren Mrijaj says the casino has gotten into the habit of accusing people of breaking the machines, and then detaining them until they pay up — “larceny by extortion.”

“At least 150 people have been improperly detained by Casino personnel,” Mrijaj alleges in his Bronx Supreme Court lawsuit, which is seeking class-action status.

Bitter bettors bashing slot machines is not unheard of — but seems to be more of an East Coast phenomenon, casino security expert Alan Zajic told The Post, noting the display or “belly” glass on the machines can be vulnerable.

“If a person gets mad, they hit it with their bag or punch it with their fists and break it,” he said.

“I will tell you it tends to happen more often in markets on the Eastern seaboard,” he said, as opposed to Las Vegas.

 The Queens District Attorney’s office confirmed 493 arrests for criminal mischief at Resorts World since its 2011 opening.



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If you want too win.....DONT BET.

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Bronx jury will award Pren lots of cash more than any slot machine.

Anonymous said...

That hideous, 'CRIME-sino' ghetto has done nothing to improve any and all quality of life issues, much less GOOD commerce and solid business throughout South Ozone Park, Ozone Park, and beyond that gated pit of money sucking Hell.

You can thank New York State mob boss, 'CUOMIGULA' for this lethally destructive behemoth, an overseas owned-and-operated, raw sewage plant of epic humanitarian fail, as well his cowardly, ass licking helpers, Senator Joe Addabbo, and his equally useless, 'side trick' nut-less wonder and sycophant, Eric Ulrich, both of whom devalue honesty itself!

For southeastern QUEENS County to be blighted by this unimaginable, Third World gambling pit goes way beyond the 'Tipping Point' of all pretense of honest, ethical leadership that leads by example. Gambling, by its extremely addictive nature, is regressive and cannibalistic: Regressive, because when the money runs out (and, it always does), then it eats into other sources of income, like high interest credit card money withdrawals, which is where the cannibalism enters into money robbing, Racino play. Families, lives and YOUTH are destroyed, communities suffer and crushing, long term debt and anxiety are the price that all too many end up paying (and, paying)——IN PERPETUITY!

There is an unwritten rule of gambling that maintains when a person loses all of his money, that's where the losses finally end. NOT SO with THIS never-ending money pit: There are strategically placed ATM machines that are located throughout the casino, all of which will charge an assortment of of additional user fees, and that's ON TOP of usurious credit card interest rates that can easily climb to 30% or more, which only makes it more painful to not only 'eat' the initial loss at these carefully calibrated slot machine bandits (that easily ensure almost surefire odds that the 'House' continually wins, but then to calculate the fiscally oppressive burden to tack on high interest rates for a deeper loss to prevail!

HENCE, the reason for why so many losers (many of whom, if not all, cannot afford to gamble in the FIRST PLACE, because strict mathematical probability has already dictates that they are not in a position to gamble), are venting their anger and hostility out onto these not so friendly electronic robbers that magnify an even greater societal disparity that highlights income inequality, artificially low corporate wage slavery, and, the progressively phased (and fazed) out American middle class that is never going to return to THIS side of the Atlantic, OR the Pacific.

In nearly eight staggering years since this wicked and predatory behemoth opened, the ONLY winners in town are, year after crooked year, the depraved, government henchmen (of Albany's haunted ski lodge Capital), all of whom have reported to de facto mob boss, 'CUOMIGULA,' whose vision for economic job growth and development, stability and prosperity continues to rest strictly on the 300% false, fake and monstrously failed models of a foreign gambling mill like Genting ——and, the ever languishing public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!

What? THIS IS NEW???

❝The cost of sanity, in this society is a certain level of alienation.❞ ——Caitlin Johnstone

❝The further a society drifts from the truth, the more that it will hate those who speak it.❞ —―George Orwell

❝If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.❞ —―Malcolm X

❝The system cannot be fixed by the system.❞ —―Tom Morello

❝To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist; that is all.❞ ――Oscar Wilde

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And that new “hotel” will bring nothing but more trouble. Drugs. Prostitution. Guns. All the good stuff. Rockaway Blvd is a shithole even though Resorts promised to beautify it as one of their concessions to open up their “casino”. 10 years later, still nothing.

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Jackasses, that's why the slots in Nevada casinos and airport are less expensive acrylic that don't break.
Simply replace the $20 plexie face belly when it starts getting to scuffy, old and warn.
This is a job security scam, the service company must be using glass so they can make more money off the dopes & animals that blow money in that dump.

With glass, you make a tiny cut in the corner with a glass cutter then a light tap will expand the crack across the glass. I seen the scammers slot maintenance people doing this down in the USVI to extort $1500 from tourists for breaking the glass
Shit, this Casino must be the only one using glass belly panels'

Anonymous said...

500 arrests? I thought crime was down.

Anonymous said...

Legalize gambling, pot, prostitution, abortion. . . why not hit men, too?
Hit men are professionals, they won't botch up the job and leave
someone crippled like some do-it yourself amateur.

Anonymous said...

"I thought crime was down." down below and underneath