Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Temporary cultural center coming to Hallets Point site

From The Real Deal:

While part of the project remains stalled over a funding squabble with the city, the Durst Organization plans to temporarily make use of another site at its Hallets Point development in Queens.

The developer plans to set up a temporary cultural center where the final phase of the mixed-use project will eventually rise, at 27th Avenue and 1st Street, said Durst spokesperson Jordan Barowitz. The 30,000-square-foot space will include a stage and a fenced off area for film, dance, music and other events, he said.

“Hallets is something of a blank slate, and we want to start to highlight the cultural and arts community in Astoria,” Barowitz said. “It’s the final phase of the project so construction is a few years away. The views it has of Lower Manhattan, it would be a shame not to activate it.”

The cultural center is expected to open sometime this summer.

Meanwhile, a 163-unit affordable housing project planned for the development’s second phase is being held up by a lack of funding. In January, the city Housing Development Corporation pulled $43.5 million in bond financing for the project.


Anonymous said...

How about a movie theater or bowling alley insated. Thats more fitting with the types of individuals that will one day call that place home.

Anonymous said...

Durst eez dein ent uv da place!
Scummy bunch!

Kevin Walsh said...

The Astoria Houses are a serious barrier against gentrification, for better or worse.

Anonymous said...

What views? Are we looking at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls?

Cav said...

Kevin Walsh said...
"The Astoria Houses are a serious barrier against gentrification, for better or worse.

That's the happy version.

Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side of the Force.
That barrier will only stand until the our godlings of the NYC ruling managerial class decides to concoct a plan to move out the lower income tenants. That and REBNY doesn't pay the godlings so much in tribute for nothing.

Don Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

And it will project "Temporary Culture", as opposed to Contemporary or Antemporary Culture

Anonymous said...

WTF is a "Temporary Cultural Center"? Who's culture is Temporary, and is my tax money paying for this crap?

JQ LLC said...

Temp cultural center at first then homeless shelter.

Correction, safe smack injection center