Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bowne Park ain't what it used to be

Ah, a lovely stroll through one of Queens' premier parks on Sunday afternoon. But there's literally trouble in the air and water.
So the pond is contaminated and you should avoid exposure to it, yet the mist from the fountain was hitting yours truly in the face for a good 1/4 of the looped path around the body of water.
Dead turtles were seen floating on the surface.
This guy was still alive and kicking but with the shape that water's in, it might not be for long.
This cool stand of trees caught my eye but the grass is in serious need of cutting. The lawn is unkempt.
The pond walls have issues as well.
Hopefully these little guys sprout wing feathers soon and get the hell out of this mess!


Anonymous said...

Diverse! Queens! Vibrant! Third World! Democrat!

Flushing - a World of Possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Disgusting and filthy just the way queens was intended to be. It just blends in.

Anonymous said...

Toss some (live!) trash eaters in there-- cat fish, carp, and turtles. That can help in the short term.

JQ LLC said...

Where is the Parks Dept., Melinda? Do you have to promote a concert in Bowne in order for it to get cleaned up?

Where are the beer and food bazaar promoters or even the Central Park Conservancy group with their movie in the park gimmicks, is Bowne worthy of revitalization and superficial vibrancy?

Where oh where are the supposed enlightened environmentalists?

Anonymous said...

The idiots keep feeding the geese and the geese keep crapping all over the place including in the water.
They must remove the Weeping Willows which hang over the pond. They are a major reason for the scum. And they MUST keep BOTH fountains operating at all time and have the water burst over twelve feet high.
And how about having a park ranger there to issue summons to the immigrants who throw bread and corn into the water for the geese, ducks, turtles and fish.

Anonymous said...

"Dead turtles were seen floating on the surface."
In Buddhist tradition, releasing live turtles builds good karma. Many Flushing Chinese supermarkets sell live turtles.

Dan Barton said...

It was only seven or eight years ago that I left NE Queens for greener quieter pastures, but this is awful. I lived in Whitestone for forty years and I remember the building coming off of the bridge on Norther Blvd as a quaint old nicely kept, colorful building. What a rat trap it is now. The rest of the pictures are just as horrible. I feel sorry for the turtle and the ducks. I Wish they could move too. Lotsa luck Queens.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to own a home around it.

Anonymous said...

oookkkaaayyy we know the drill:

Where are the Queens electeds?
Where are the Queens Civics? (hi tony!)
Where are the Queens Community Boards?
Where are the Queens weeklies?

Simple point of the matter is that you would find this in no other nabe in NYC but Queens. Too much self respect. Even the Bronx. Even the ghetto.

But a glum place under the colorless banner of THA PARTY? You cannot get more Democratic then Queens.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the turtles...the locals trap and eat them!!!

Anonymous said...

The ducks too.

Tony Notaro said...

Third world population...third world parks