Saturday, June 23, 2018

88 units of Ridgewood gentrification finally underway

Passed by this recently, and if you recall, a couple of years ago, this was supposed to be a "beer beach" but the community beat that back. The permanent use for the dirty truck lot was yet another luxury condo project. You can read the backstory here. But don't worry, a grand total of 8 "permanently affordable" apartments will be included!


JQ LLC said...

Ah, I remembered this. I was happy to contribute by calling out (well commenting on) and exposing those bastards, the developers and the repulsive beer makers Fake Rockaway Brewery ill intentions.

8 units of 88. Isn't that just 11% devoted to "affordable" housing? Wasn't the deal suppose to be 20% to qualify for the exemption? With all the hipshits moving further east but just enough to brag their from or lie that they're still in Brooklyn, this will bring up the AMI for sure. I saw the listings for a new building in Crown Heights where the "affordable" studios are offering 800 for a single or couple that earns 35 to 40 grand a year. Madness.

I ain't superstitious, but this development is going to be cursed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. The new garden spot?

Anonymous said...

That's what you get when you bitch, The weekend "Bar Beach" was a better deal.
Now these complainers are getting a box and whatever street parking left in that area is history every day of the year for life.

Queens Crapper said...

You aren't very bright. The weekend bar beach was proposed after the zoning for this was passed to make money off the property until the constructions started, so bitching had nothing to do with it being built. Click the links and actually read them.

Anonymous said...

Dummy....drink your six pack at the beach then belch to your heart's content!
Sheit 'n onions. What a moron.