Sunday, June 17, 2018

Riveting story from Jackson Heights

From CBS 2:

Across from his window that morning, and for days leading up to this, workers were making repairs to the transit infrastructure, Carlin reported. The first few workers he questioned denied the projectile came from their site. Then, he said another worker confessed to the accident and gave him an explanation.

“They use a high-powered device to shoot the rivets out. Now, there’s supposed to be another worker on the other end of the rivet to catch the rivet. He said they’re called a muffler. I guess like a baseball catcher would catch a fastball. Except in this case, there was no catcher at the other side,” said Siegel.

CBS2 asked the MTA about safety protocols and why, in this case, they apparently failed. The agency said it’s looking into it.


JQ LLC said...

The worst fucking transit system in the universe. The contractors they hire either are massive incompetents or just don't give a shit. Even though they are not mutually exclusive

Anonymous said...

Every entity has been required to meet government mandated hiring practices that meet "diversity" standards rather than hiring based on skill set an knowledge. They lower testing scores for required exams to allow people to obtain jobs and this causes incompetents can get hired - THUS you have incidents like this. Its a "trickle down effect" of morons holding jobs in white and blue collar positions that wouldn't qualify to flip a burger.

Anonymous said...

I tell you whats wrong. You have too many MTA union bosses getting there stupid stoned relatives from the Caribbean in!! Its not rocket science to safely cut & pop out rivets. That job is so boring and easy to lose alertness to start with and why most are required to use headsets to sync the catch cue with the impact punch. Pure negligence !!

Tony Notaro said...

Third world people...third world construction practices.

Anonymous said...

@ "Stupid stoned relatives from the Caribbean" Wait to pot is legal here in NYC you will have stupid stoned workers from everywhere.