Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ridgewood getting a hotel

From Queens Beans:

The hotel boom that seems to have taken over Queens is not stopping any time soon, since a new hotel is in the works. This new construction will have four stories and will be addressed at 1616 Summerfield Street, in Ridgewood. Behind the applications is the Loketch Group, and J Frankl and C. Mallea Architects. When it comes to location, the Halsey Street subway station in Bushwick is just four blocks away, a station which is serviced by the L train.

Once completed, the hotel will be 54-foot tall and the structure will yield over 62k sf. Besides creating 132 guest rooms, developers will include a commercial area spanning 38,600 square feet. There will be twenty-something rooms per floor, starting at the cellar and guests will be able to access bike storage room and a lobby.

What a great location for a hotel!


Anonymous said...

Ok we know the drill

Where is the Queens delegation to City Council?

Where is the Queens Borough President?

Where are the Queens Community Boards?

Where is the Queens Media?

Where is Queens Civic Congress (and by extension Tony Avella)?

(and people wonder how someone like Trump came to be - ask them!)

Anonymous said...

OK, lets play a game...Who can guess what this will be one year after it opens?

Anonymous said...

Not in the historic district I the shit part of town. But of course. Funny how the northeast part of Queens, being closer to Nassau , was ALWAYS the preferable place to live. Aside from Forest Hills Gardens, (and certain higher class enclaves) the rest of Queens was seen as workforce nabes. Since Queens has a plethora of "underutilized" land IT WILL be developed , where allowed, to higher density. The tsunami is rolling on everywhere in Queens burying it in overdevelopment. This is the Wild West for builders and developers!
Postin and complaint is just a fart in a windstorm! Your local yokel crooked pols are to blame! Kick them in the balls!

Sunnyside Al said...

I hope Ridgewood enjoys their new "hotel."


Mayor De Blasio

Anonymous said...

What a great location for a homeless shelter and a "Stroll" for the "Sex Workers"

Anonymous said...

Bayrock Capital is an investment company and primary investors of this hotel in Ridgewood. On their website you can click on the portfolio tab and then click on the hospitality section. Bayrock Capital owns two other hotels which one is already a shelter in Sunnyside called Sweet Homes and the other is close to being opened in Blissville which was called the Fairfield. It is highly likely that this 'hotel" in Ridgewood will become a 'shelter". The civic association in Ridgewood should take note of what the people did in College Point last week. Don't wait until its too late.

Anonymous said...

That's gonna be a shelter the "Hotel" word is just a shill to get it built.

Anonymous said...

A mature female will weigh in at 6.5 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Wait....there is a typo....they really meant to say "ridgewood getting a homeless shelter"

Anonymous said...

Great! It will make a dandy shelter!

Anonymous said...

Bayrock? Weren't they the SOBs involved with a College Point project?