Saturday, June 9, 2018

MS-13 set Flushing fire

From CBS 2:

A suspected MS-13 gang member faces charges after he allegedly set a fire in Queens that left two other members in critical condition, police sources tell CBS2.

Crews were called to the two-alarm house fire around 2 a.m. Monday on 41st Avenue in Flushing.

Investigators later determined a flammable liquid was used to fuel the flames.

Two men, ages 29 and 48, were hospitalized in critical condition.

Sources say they were both MS-13 members squatting inside the vacant residence.

The suspect, 20-year-old Melvin Gongora, had also been staying there, sources say. He was caught on camera fleeing the fire.

Sources say he told arresting officers something to the effect of “I have to get them before they get me.”

Gongora was charged with arson, attempted murder and assault, among others.


Tony Notaro said...


Anonymous said...

Yep they live right around the corner from us anymore. If I was a legal immigrant, I would be upset about illegal immigration policies in this country. I'd be upset because the same types of people I wanted to get away from followed me here. Not to mention all the money I would have wasted on filing papers just so I can come here and the wait list I had to wait on. I'd be really ticked off if I was a legal immigrant.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this story makes no sense. Why would a squatter set their own cozy free living situation on fire?

Why would a gang member be living in a squat? Shouldn't he have money from drug sales or crime or something?

"Get them before they get me"? It sounds more like this is a delusional person.

But hey as always let's not let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

georgetheatheist said...

"Rushed to the hospital in critical condition."

Die, scumbags. Die.

Anonymous said...

How come they never mention the immigration status of these upstanding citizens? Are they American? Green Card? Illegal? DACA?

I know we are a Sanctuary City, but they could at least mention it. What happened to reporting the facts?

JQ LLC said...

“I have to get them before they get me.”

What a homicidal piece of shit.

This is type of garbage that's making it hard for hard-working law-abiding immigrants like the guy who got ratted out by that soldier in Fort Hamilton. (don't get me wrong, that guy is not a victim and is responsible for his negligence which includes not having a proper drivers license and was using a NYC Id to drive, it's just messed up he went out like that and the zero tolerance method that's being used is going to inevitably going to cost the taxpayers a lot more later on in lawsuits and hearings. I also am aware of the irony by describing him as law abiding, but I meant city crime laws not federal law)

Earl Browder said...

Hopefully Comrade Mayor de Blasio is successful in lowering entrance standards to Stuyvesant High School for vibrant citizens such as this alleged MS-13 gang member. If only this gang member had been allowed to attend Stuyvesant High School! Just think of what he would be doing now: curing cancer, creating fusion energy, and saving kittens from trees!

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Anonymous said...

Tony: you left out the crappy liberal brain-washing mantra:

Joe said...

"How come they never mention the immigration status of these upstanding citizens"

The mayor office banned the cops from disclosing via his puppet police commissioner.
The mayors office also banned the media from using certain words and combinations of words.
Yaa see all this TV news (including print) are members of not only "the mayors office" but also the API (Associated Press International) who have joint agreements no to disclose certain things, the also have what is called "embargos".
Matt Drudge was only independent left in New York on WWOR radio 720 however on evening wile talking jabs at Bloomberg "steam rolling people" "the Peacock losing its feathers" "Mickey Mouse" "the big Eyeball" WWORs parent company Disney sent a sent a swarm of security guards too physically removed him from the microphone.
They fired and tossed him right out the building on the spot on live radio. It is believed "The Mayors office" made the call --
Drudge has since been blacklisted and cant get back on radio, He was made an example of what happens when you try and become an honest independent journalist.

I say this as an example of the shit that's going on, the public hasn't a clue how bad and corrupts it all is. So If you expect to hear anything negitive when it comes to an illegal committing a crime on a US citizen, any person of color committing a crime on a white person don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

"But hey as always let's not let facts get in the way of a good narrative."

I didn't know Nancy Pelosi posted here. Remember people...MS13 is a myth and just a bogeyman to make "undocumented" immigrants look bad. SMH

JQ LLC said...

Re: reporting the facts.

This story has evolved in the past few days. Anon 2 makes very salient points that shows this story makes as much sense as how an Army Base by Dyker Heights ordered food from a pizzeria all the way from College Point! (maybe they make great calzones?)

Although, a lot of low level pushers usually will resort to living in abandoned homes and desolate areas and the suspect does sound paranoid like he just smoked some dust or meth. It also sounds like these guys were probably hiding from other gang bangers looking to kill them.

Unknown said...

A municipal ID card is not probable cause to questions someone's immagrints status. It was created so that the undocumented can be identified by local police. And they give incentives to get this card,so more people would be dumb enough to get one. Municipal ID = great way to snag up immagrints. This is what Hitler would do!

Anonymous said...

The pizza delivery guy who was scooped up by ICE had it coming. I don't care if he was the nicest guy in the world. He had nothing but disrespect for our LAWS and crossed our border ILLEGALLY. He was living off the fat of OUR land. I think it's disgusting that the libtard commies at ACLU once again spat on our constitution, spat on the American people, and spat on all the people trying to immigrate here legally, patiently waiting. Does anyone appreciate someone cutting ahead of them while standing in a long line? I doubt if anyone would say, "Oh, you poor thing. Go ahead, step in front of me." Instead of getting an emergency stay of deportation, doubtless by an Obama appointed activist judge, this guy should be catapaulted right back across the border. If he enters illegally again, send him to Gitmo.

As for MS-13 members, they should be put down like the rabid dogs they are. I am absolutely certain that you could not rehabilitate such a total murderous animal like them.

Anonymous said...

Re: "pizza delivery guy"

I seriously doubt someone at the Brooklyn army base ordered pizza from College Point. More likely, it was a catering job. In order to properly cater, you need to physically enter the premises to set up sternos, etc, and not just drop off the food at the gate. To enter the base, you need govt issued ID such as a driver's license. If you don't have one, you are screened by security, which happened in this case and whoops - it turns out the guy has had an active deportation order for 8 years. It was only AFTER he voluntarily agreed to leave the USA that he decided to get married and had 2 kids. Why is this person such a sympathetic figure?

JQ LLC said...

Re: catering.

That's a good theory too, the thing is that hasn't been reported in any of the coverage of this.

And I do agree that this guy, dedicated worker and family man that he was, doesn't deserve sympathy because he and his wife decided to have children while being aware of his citizen status (or in this case, a lack of it).

John said...

Considering we are the only global super power, yes, apparently it is. (until the brain drain to other countries by our scientists).

>> Blogger Tony Notaro said...

Not really accurate considering he had a job.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
>>. He was living off the fat of OUR land.

It's like no one remembers two white Americans just killed a bunch of high school kids.

Anonymous said...

Solution for violent murder gangs. If wearing gang ID...tattoos etc. indicates to get in and make your have to have murdered someone before attaining gang insignia....THEN....jail
Anyone sporting such as a criminal. Depot them. Why pay to jail them. Or bring back prison ships! Oh no...poor underprivileged. Rich or poor try to hurt me and WHAMO!

Rob in Manhattan said...

"Matt Drudge was only independent left in New York on WWOR radio 720 however on evening wile talking jabs at Bloomberg "steam rolling people" "the Peacock losing its feathers" "Mickey Mouse" "the big Eyeball" WWORs parent company Disney sent a sent a swarm of security guards too physically removed him from the microphone. "

Where do you get this crap. I've worked in the industry and never heard of anything like this

Your other "facts" are wrong as well. "WOR" is at 710 AM. To my knowledge that slug has never been hired by what was then Buckley Broadcasting -NOT Disney

He was fired by ABC Radio. His show while highly rated in it's Sunday evening slot was a poor earner and the controversies and his questionable motives proved not worthwhile. That was a business decision.

...Now, back to your "alternate facts"....

Rob In Manhattan

Joe said...

Rob, You may have worked in radio but not with boots on the ground.
How do I know? I was in the studio and thrown out also. We all were. A week or so before U2 was on SNL I was on the air talking, spilling the beans about the woman Bono sat on wile yelling "live" "live" "Live" The woman was SNL producer, a "plant" down in the floor seats. She got that job as a producer because her dad spent millions on advertising for his well known blue jean & clothing company, she and her friend had booked the Ashley Simpson fake phone baloney lip-sync disaster. Both produced that rigged Janet Jackson Superbowl halftime mess too !! --Good old Marci and Beth.

Sorry the typo 720 vs 710 and the truth ruffled your feathers, Disney is network boss and still is.
The various station license holder's for the coast to coast transmitters are too keep the FCC at bay and pretend its not a monopoly or some "joint venture" Disney, Cox even MCA Universal whatever, it doesn't matter. These because these people switch ownership, screw and use each other like whores & condoms and I'm SURE you know this.
It is YOU sir who 1: does not know what your fucking talking or 2 don't like what I posted. The latter making more sense because leave it to some industry suit or butt licker who likely takes a elevator "up" to work.

710Khz vs 720KHz, how about the carrier modulation Plate or Class D, questionable motives, a business decision?
That's all bullshit and everybody knows it so give me (us) a friggan break !
Say what you want, however you will not control the dialog and people are wising up to this rigged media monopoly bullshit like it or not!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Rob you better have a look-see quick
ABC Radio has been owned by The Walt Disney company since 1968, me beginning to thinks your fulla sheet!


Anonymous said...

I think Rego Park is probably worse than Flushing, I got accosted by two kids claiming to raise money for their basketball team. Ignored them and then they kept bothering me, its so bad seeing these idiots loiter in public places.
Also Flushing to me is long gone, its a foreign country, the funny thing is that the developer that bought the RKO Keiths site still cannot demolish it to build a new apartment building. Used to be a wonderful theater, I saw the original Star Wars there as a kid, the real Star Wars not the mediocre nonsense Disney makes these days.

Rob in Manhattan said...

Joe, you seem to have been "everywhere' and see/done "everything" I read your remarks regularly. Frankly, you are full of "it".

Drudge was never in a Buckley/WOR studio. His show was syndicated and on Disney's WABC. Disney fired Bob Gigante "Grant" four years earlier and for similar reasons.

To the other reading challenged poster. ABC Radio was formed from the forced breakup of NBC's two radio networks. It was purchased by Capital Cities Broadcasting in 1985. Disney owned it from 1996 till 2007 when Citadel bought it and later went bankrupt due to aging audiences and declining revenues.

Both WABC and WOR-a live near the bottom of both ratings and sales demo's due to dying audiences. Their ratings war resembles two undertakers poaching cadavers from each other.

I see "alternate" facts rule in your worlds.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

"you will not control the dialog"

Yep, I also noticed the way this Rob in Manhattan attempts maneuver the original content via positioning alternate confusing boiler plate, smoke & mirrors. Kind reminds me of Dr.Zeus in the courtroom scene in the original "Planet of The Aps"

I think this Rob in Manhattan is some kind PR or publicity person who works for the city, politician or developer. Perhaps reading this board to get a consensus public opinion to use for damage control and other assorted communications.
Agreed, do not feed or allow the trolls to control the dialog

Sunnyside Al said...

MS-13 does not is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. It is racist, white supremacist, misogynist, homophobe, islamophobe racists like you deplorable people; who believe that such a gang can remain in the United States. You are the problem, not an imaginary gang that are only here doing jobs that lazy, stupid Americans don’t want to do. Now shut your Republican mouths and enjoy as Comrade de Blasio & Co. takes NYC back to the 1970’s :)

You evil, freckless cu*$# will be required to attend re-education to fully realize how beautiful the liberal agenda can be.