Thursday, June 14, 2018

State protecting shady real estate brokers

From The Real Deal:

Like many New Yorkers who have had bad experiences with real estate agents, Tanya Mejia took to Yelp in September 2014 to give brokerage Chrome Residential a one-star review. “Not only are these guys unprofessional, but they are crooks,” she wrote. “Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this company.”

To retrieve a $2,000 security deposit from her broker, she then went to Small Claims Court and obtained a judgment against Chrome, which the broker refused to pay unless she removed her Yelp review, according to a New York Department of State investigation. Mejia then filed a consumer complaint with the DOS, and finally, more than two years after the initial incident, an administrative law judge revoked the real estate broker’s license in September 2016.

But as far as the state’s public database of licensing decisions is concerned, this never happened. A search for the agent’s name (“Jacob Benchlouch”) only turns up two duplicate files for an earlier dismissed complaint, omitting any record that he was sanctioned for “engaging in deceptive acts and practices.” (Benchlouch could not be reached for comment and Chrome Residential is no longer in operation.)

To protect the interests of New York’s consumers, the DOS’ Division of Licensing Services regulates a number of professions, including real estate brokers and salespersons, by handing down fines, suspensions and revoking licenses as it deems necessary. But because the agency uses rudimentary public disclosure tools that are difficult to navigate and often incomplete, it is difficult for consumers to identify sanctioned brokers, leaving open the possibility that they will harm another consumer.


JQ LLC said...

Here's a big reason to kick Mario's son out of office. Cynthia should bring up this and hammer it constantly instead of saying repeatedly how he is a republican.

Anonymous said...

Of course !! Most of the money is going into Cuomo's coffers for his relection.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, they are racist too. If you're not one of their kind, they will either not deal business with you or try to RIP you off. They only give their own kind fair deals.

Anonymous said...

This is the party of Cuomo and Diblasio, honest and hard working people are not welcome in their New York. The transformation of our society and culture of honesty, integrity and self sacrifice into a third world hell hole is almost complete

Anonymous said...

No shit Sherlock. Who do you think pays for the crooked Albany lifer politicos campaigns? The Stavisky dynasty has been on their pad since the late 1960s. Albany is a bigger swamp than Washington. Avella goes up there as a reformer and gets castrated.

Jack said...

The entire "real estate" business in New York City is a pyramid scheme and the biggest scam in history. I have heard of people paying 2 to 3 million dollars for a 2 bedroom coop that happens to be in Manhattan, not even the UES, but the East Village or Gramercy. Yep only in this city you pay that kind of money to live in cramped quarters for the privilege of boasting to others that you live in the "Greatest City on Earth".
Puhleese!!! You are suckers.

Anonymous said...

...New York City is not even the top for high prices..
Hong Kong,
all higher per square foot.

Real Estate is an asset class just as sure as precious metals or bonds.
The stability of the US economy is what provides assurance to foreign investors so don't expect too much of a change in the near future.
It's the global economy at work.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Maryland for a bit and I had a HUGE apartment there for only 1300/month. Really nice place and I had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a nice walk in closet. Unfortunately,I had to move back up to NYC for family problems. In NYC, real estate is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Real estate agents, investment & stock brokers are some of the worst dirt-bags you have. Ask a real estate agent "is this a good school or neighborhood" "any urban sec 8 or non English speaking family's round here" and try to get a straight answer.
The looks you sometimes get are priceless.

Anonymous said...

If people think Queens is a slum take a look at Baltimore, Philadelphia or the slums of Washington DC they dont show you on TV.
Worse places--Kingston NY, Ferguson Missouri, Oakland & Bakersfield California
People need to stop complaining, Queens is paradise compared to some of the real shitholes in this country where you need a gun and a Kevlar vest to go past your steel bar door.

Anonymous said...

Realtors,with no degree, can write you a fair value letter, so a guy who spends two years in grad school and five years as an apprentice to become an appraiser is wasting his time. Realtors, with no degree, can do home inspections, so an engineer who spends four years in school and four years as an apprentice is also wasting his time.