Monday, June 11, 2018

CB2 tells megadeveloper to shove it

From Sunnyside Post:

Community Board 2 voted Thursday to reject a developer’s bid to be granted a zoning variance in order to build a two-tower, 561-unit development along Queens Boulevard in Woodside.

The rejection represents another blow for the developer, Madison Realty Capital, in its quest to get a zoning change that would permit two buildings—one 17 stories and the other 14 stories–to rise at 69-02 Queens Boulevard.

The board vote, while advisory, follows Council Member Robert Holden’s announcement last month that he is opposed to the rezoning. The property is in Holden’s council district and his opinion will have enormous influence when the proposal is up for a vote in the city council.

Madison, under the existing zoning, is able to build a 12 story building that would consist of 289 units, 58 of which could be affordable.

The company, however, is looking to build much higher and obtain the right to build 561 units. In exchange, 30 percent of the units—or 168 apartments- would be affordable, meeting the city’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) zoning rules. Those rules require developers to construct between 25 and 30 percent of their units as “affordable” when a rezoning takes place.

Madison argues that there is a shortage of affordable housing in Queens and that the city should take advantage of its plan to bring workforce housing to the borough.

"workforce housing" LOL


Anonymous said...

I wonder what they mean by "Workforce" housing? I supposed those of us who go to work at an actual job, get stiffed on taxes, and then watch as this city is transformed into a playground for the rich and trust fund progeny with their latest start-up schemes we're all supposed to be so impressed with

Anonymous said...

More room for illegals to move in.

JQ LLC said...

Workforce housing:

Droll, real droll.-Fred Flintstone.

Anonymous said...

"take advantage of its plan to bring workforce housing to the borough"
Translation: Rake in a guaranteed 168 section 8 checks a month to pay for the building in under 5 years then repeat the process with 2 more flophouse barracks
What is that over $3.8 million annual in taxpayer funds?

Anonymous said...

Workforce? Lumpen proletariat? Working class? Wage slaves? Hoi paloi?
Classic classism! There were plenty of affordable places to live before "developers" block busted nabes by tearing down and building monster structures....thereby driving out people who were able to afford living there before. It drove up their real estate taxes , increased congestion and drove them out. I call this "CLASS CLEANSING"!

Anonymous said...

Liberals just like some conservatives love to invent names for things' 'Workforce Housing'. What in the heavens does that mean???

Anonymous said...

Would these be the "affordable" housing that only people earning over $100,000 can afford, or the "affordable" housing that only takes Section 8 underclass? Either way, it won't be priced for the middle class.