Thursday, June 28, 2018

Another tall building for Northern Blvd.

From Queens Beans:

A new mixed-use building will shortly arrive to Flushing. The tower will have 17 stories and it will be addressed at 144-49 Northern Boulevard. The necessary permits have been filed and a neighboring building will be demolished in order to make room for this new project.

Behind the applications there is developer CW Northern and the design has been handed to My Architect PC.

Once completed, the tower will feature 132 residential units that will be condos, spanning 116k sf combined and 880 each.


Anonymous said...

if half of the units become available for lower income residents as part of a housing lottery then it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

That current building is kinda nice in a hideous unfriendly brutalist sort of way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the developer is going to put up the shower curtain rods to further divide one room into four or if they are just going to wait for the tenants to do it. We have the worst leadership in Flushing. They just keep stuffing the people in like sausages.

Anonymous said...

And across the street at former Burger King site will rise another! The zoning permits it!
And they will all pile into the #7 train.

Anonymous said... much more of China and Korea can we pack into flushing? These housing lotteries never work. I think they are just bringing in more people. Once the person moves out of their residence and into one of these things, that residence is then further rented out again. It will never stop until NYC houses 10 million people. Maybe when it hits 10 million, then mayor dumbdumb will actually see the need for better infrastructure and more government services like more schools and dmvs and a better court system along with fixing up our court houses.

Anonymous said...

This will encourage violation of the law of physics stating "Two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time". How many damn Chinese can you pack into the city? And where is the space gonna come from for simple space on the sidewalk to walk, space for the additional cars, water, garbage disposal, seats in schools? How about further stretching of emergency services, available medical care, and utilities? These greedy jerks never think of that. All they think about is packing more and more people into a given space, further decreasing the desirability of NYC as a place to live.

Anonymous said...

Which neighboring building will be demolished, Rite-Aid or HSBC?