Sunday, May 6, 2018

Woodside to get 75-unit building

From the Queens Gazette:

The owner of a parcel at 43-44 51st Street in Woodside have filed plans with the city Department of Buildings for development of a nine-story, mixed-use building at the site.

The building would soar 99-feet, with a combination of 75 affordable and market rate units on floors two through nine, 8,624-square-feet of retail space on the ground floor, a fitness room, indoor/outdoor recreation room for tenants and enclosed parking for 31 vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Yep just keep packing them in here. We are on our way to becoming a city of 9.5 million people with no good subway system. Our tax dollars are already being stretch far enough as it is. We have to pay for more garbage pickup, more police and more welfare. This city is a real joke. If mayor dumbdumb really wanted to help us out, he would deport these illegals and that would free up more apartments that ACTUAL CITIZENS can rent. But mayor dumbdumb is too stupid to think of anything like that. Mayor dumbdumb needs to be deported himself.

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like a defeatist, but at this point what more can possibly be said? Does anyone really care anymore? Does it really matter anymore? Queens is shot, the city is shot.

Anonymous said...

the mayor will never deport these illegals because they are cash cows to get lion shares of federal dollars

Another ugly box to house all the shit the mayor attracted here. This Sandinista bastard is dumping these people on us any way he can.
Dont need a good subway system because most these people will be lifetimes of section 8 and EBT card dwelling baby making factory's. Its going to be like the overpopulated disaster in Brazil here in 15-20 years

Anonymous said...

Woodside gets what it deserves for voting in clowns like JVB

TommyR said...

this is right by the elevated and the boulevard. harshly awful or even terrible. better than being built on a side street further east.

Zoë said...

I was mugged! Sucker punched, knocked down on Woodside in the LIRR steps Saturday night. They grabbed and ran off with my bag and cellphone. If people want to live in that shithole they can have it. Let them feed off and kill each other.
Get this: 2 cops were right upstairs by the turnstiles and ticket machines protecting the 7 train immigrants and MTAs cash-flow. They asked me for ID when I just told them I WAS MUGGED !! Lucky I dont carry a wallet and keep my ID and cash in a inside jacket pocket I made for my knife.

Anonymous said...

Zoning allows it. Stop crying. Move!
Nothing to be done.

Anonymous said...

Where are the jobs coming from to support the people living in the new housing units?

Did I miss the headline that net private employment in Queens or NYC has increased by 100's of thousands?

Anonymous said...

Where are the jobs coming
No jobs need to be added. America will soon be a one party socialist system.
Eventually everybody will be working part time to divide up the existing jobs, with most people making the same universal salary. This way everybody is equal.
Healthcare and housing will be provided by and run by the government.
Look up Scandinavian Socialism, it explains and what the mayor and all the libs are doing. his frequent trips Amsterdam, bike lanes, war on cars, and all these housing projects included.

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of have high rises in queens. LIC it already looks like Manhattan. It's ridiculous. How many people can buy shoe box apartments. They should buy homes which is theirs and not shared.

Anonymous said...

Okay? And? Isn’t that what you wanted affordable housing is another term for Below market rent. It allows for City housing assistance. Congrats to you all for voting in the current administration that allowed it. By the way, how’s homeless shelters doing on Queens Blvd.