Sunday, May 27, 2018

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From The Intercept:

Sweeney’s office, according to the Daily News, made $30 million as counsel to the public administrator of the court from 2006 to 2017, administering the estates of people who died without wills. He did not respond to The Intercept’s request for comment, and he declined to comment to the Daily News last year about his work. Scott Kaufman, who served as Crowley’s campaign treasurer for 17 years, made almost half a million dollars from assignments by the court from 2006 to 2017, the New York Post reported last June. Kaufman’s haul prompted a state probe into possible pay violations. He did not return The Intercept’s request for comment, but he told the Post last year that he was in compliance with state rules on court appointments. “Any review will conclude that the rules have been complied with,” Kaufman said. A spokesperson for the Office of Court Administration declined to comment on the investigation, but noted that “Scott Kaufman is currently eligible for appointments,” meaning he is still able to accept court appointments as a public administrator.

Crowley’s allies in the machine, Ocasio-Cortez charged, “defend him in court and they bump his opponents off the ballot,” referring to ballot challenges filed with the Board of Elections against candidates Crowley did not support or who oppose the machine. Last year, as DNAInfo reported, a candidate in a City Council primary was booted from the ballot for not having enough valid signatures; she said she was bullied for not “kissing the ring” of the party boss, Crowley. In that race, Crowley supported Assemblyman Francisco Moya, who went on to defeat Hiram Monserrate, a former council member and state senator who was expelled from the legislature after a 2009 conviction for assaulting his girlfriend.

The machine has a tight relationship with developers. Ocasio-Cortez noted in a follow-up email that Crowley’s organization reaped large sums of real estate money before the Queens machine installed the new City Council speaker, Corey Johnson, who has since “led the council in rezoning neighborhoods for luxury developments — pricing out local families and constructing high rises when the city already has 275k vacant units.”


Anonymous said...

So now we see the truth about Corey Johnson. Despite the proclamations about how he's independent and anti- de Blasio, he's in the real estate developers' pockets just like all the rest. Many people wondered why a recovering drug addict with no college degree was the best choice for Speaker. Some alleged racism, and maybe it was, but now we know he's just a shell like all the rest. Government is bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

A commie vs a crook. What inspiring choices we have in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd see Cenk Uyghur, whom I don't like, give so much air time to our little corner. Credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said...

Pure unadulterated liberalism versus croney capitalism! The fight of the century.

I like how that mamaluke still manages to put in a dig at Trump!

Either one will spend us into bankruptcy.

It doesn't really matter who wins. We all lose.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a her over Crowley ANY DAY. At least she LIVES IN THE DISTRICT. How long has Crowley been living in DC Now? At least the last 5-6 years, if not much much longer. He came into power entirely via corruption and has been fucking up NYC politics for years. We need him gone. Nevermind being voted out, he should retire before the real dirt starts coming out.

georgetheatheist said...

"Medicare for all"? = Socialized collectivized medical care for all = Crap medical care for everybody = You need an appointment for care? See you in 18 months.

Who you kidding?

JQ LLC said...

Every citizen, particularly in Queens and the Bronx, would have known about the ruthless machinations done by Boy Joe Crowley and the duplicitous deceptions of the fraud speaker Corey Johnson if the local news media would do their jobs and devote their drive news coverage to the city they are supposed to report on instead of showing lame ass viral videos and weather updates every 2 minutes.

Boy Joe only cares about keeping his position and maintaining his pernicious influence. When it comes to the borough he represents, he only shows up for his donors and pals

Progress Queens and True News for change (both inactive by the way, although PQ has now expanded to Progress New York and True News seems to have devoted most of it's updates to Twitter) have been doing thorough in-depth reporting on this miscreant, derelict hack democrat and the gay Uncle Tom for REBNY for a while now, as he has been weak and mute about the insidious happenings resulting from the recent rezoning plans involving Jerome Blvd and East New York and the continuing corruption and negligence still going on in NYCHA

Joe is going down, I know it's been said before, but being dumb and arrogant and more focused on reviving his music career in the past few years he has underestimated his stunning intelligent opponent.

And you wanna know what a prick Corey Johnson really is, he got massively shitfaced at a birthday party thrown in his honor that also celebrated the transference of a former SRO building into a lux hotel

Anonymous said...

Queens County is known as the 'Borough of Cemeteries,' or should I say that it used to be. And, now you know why, fellow zombies: The scourge of political corruption from a single kleptocratic, 'Monetary Locust' (and super resistant virus), like Joe Crowley has destroyed more life, freedom, democracy and commerce than in many Third World and banana republics――COMBINED.

Why he has escaped all form of justice and punishment, much less incarceration, is a testament to how the corridors of the criminal justice system itself has now become a haven for like minded, lethally dangerous criminals on the inside, all of whom are donning black robes without a conscience.

Blame yourselves 'SHEEPLE,' for not organizing and engaging in urgently, disruptive and decades of long overdue activism, protest, rally and resistance. I've fought for decades, whilst spending my free time and passion to form local community groups to give up an hour a month for meetings, and out of a community of thousands where I live, only nine people showed up.

And, since no one is taking a stand, expect to see even more outrageous abuses of power without punishment――and, ironically (and sadistically) more punishment to be meted out against We, the People without power――and, the public be damned (again and STILL)!

JQ LLC said...

I would like to thank the Crapper for posting this immediately when I emailed the story and video. I was going to put it on Impunity City, but I'm lucky if I get 10 views a day and I thought it would make more sense for more eyes to see it on a popular blog with a meter over a million views.

It should also be noted that these establishment elected hack Dems don't give a shit who is in power as Boy Joe's subservience to predatory real estate shows. Like I wrote in the you tube link comments, to paraphrase Kanye West's recent dumbass comment, Boy Joe and all the others made a choice to be slaves to their donors and their wretched contributions. Donor cash is the only way the elected hacks truly display bipartisan ideological and policy making unity.

Anonymous said...

"Many people wondered why a recovering drug addict with no college degree was the best choice for Speaker."

He fit the profile: Single, Democrat, part Asian, Gay, HIV positive, non-NY'er, attended college for one semester and hasn't a degree and represents one of the most liberal parts of the city.

Anonymous said...

So, we have a little Ms. La Raza, dedicated solely to the Hispanic community and screw the U.S.A. vs. a known piece of crooked filth. And Crowley doesn't even live in his district. What a great choice.

Anonymous said...

Hard who to root for.

He is a piece of garbage. Send him back to Virginia.

She will make it her duty to let all criminals go. NYC will be like Chicago with murders every night.

He knocks Riker's and the minorities in Queens and the Bronx that fill its cell's.

Should we just let them go?

Anonymous said...

That district has too many illegals to do any meaningful polling.

The remnants of the old white establishment will come out for Crowley. Never will they vote for a woman or a minority. The 'wise latina' nonsense won't fly here.

Anonymous said...

She is just running to get her hands on some of that taxpayer money that Crowley is so good at vacuuming up. That clown in the video mentions taxpayer funded elections? Can't these idiots stop spending money?

When she finally gets into some office she will take the money and run away from the ghetto trash she seems to be standing up for now. That is why the Democrats want to return the vote to them and give it to the illegals, so they can run these socialist bozo's for office.

When she loses this one she will look for a NYC election to run.

Anonymous said...

The bad (Ocasio-Cortez) against the worst (Crowley), hard to choose. When the middle class, the one that actually pays for EVERYTHING and barely gets anything in return is going to get a break??? Never...

Anonymous said...

hey this Spanish girl has a lot of good points...I would love to see her take old Joe and his minions down

Anonymous said...

the sentence "corruption is not about people but about the system" makes as much as sense as nothing.. The system is created by people, enforced by people so corruption is the people. So in this case corruption is the result of the "people: who keep voting the Democrats, and the Democrats who are people.

Anonymous said...

Some of you can't see past your own racism, or for that matter, borough borders. NY-14 covers part of the Bronx. 70% of those who live in the district are PoC. She's running a smart campaign with strong grassroots support while he has only just now - a month before the primary - realized what a huge threat she is to him.

He's going to have to pull every one of his machine dirty tricks to win this one. Even then, awareness of his shitty politics is on the rise. If he robs a win, he's going to face bruising battles every election until he's gone. He would be better off retiring right now to 'spend more time with his kids' like Paul Ryan (who was about to have his ass handed to him by an ironworker running on the same very left platform as Cortez)

Goofing off, playing music and living for almost a decade now in Virginia... arrogance has already defeated him. All it took was a smart woman from the Bronx to bloody his nose, and now all the sharks see it. The Queens Machine is falling off the rails and there's no turning back.

Anonymous said...

I bet she runs for public advocate

Anonymous said...

"I'll take a her over Crowley ANY DAY."

An out and out socialist??? No freakin' way!

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Anonymous said...

"The system cannot be fixed by the system." ――Tom Morello

There is such an overload of entrenched, establishment-rigged corruption in Queens County (as well as the other four boroughs of New York City), that the daily raw sewage that enters Greenpoint's Newtown Creek Waste Treatment Center, should now be relocated to southeastern Queens――the official gateway to 'The Fourth World,' as well as the dynastic, Crowley scourge of all LEGALLY organized corruption, graft and greed over which every other politician (not public servant) under his crooked them has willfully looked the other way for decades――as everyone else continues to pay the ultimate, soul-crushing price of their rampant government fail (and systemic and chronic abuses of power that would make even Mafia thugs 'Gargoyle Andy' Cuomo and his nemesis, Bill de BLASS-hole blush!

I used to spend my entire summer in Queens, way, way back when it was bucolic and verdant (and not see the illegal trend of front lawns being instantly transformed into mini parking lots covered up in cement, which doesn't allow for heavy rains to absorb, that causes the rivers of flooding that I see every time a heavy rain event arrives).

Now, I escape to the REAL countryside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, so I can mimic the sweetheart deal-racket that a voracious thief like Joe Crowley has got in play for himself and his kleptocratic henchmen――chiefly because he and the rest of my monstrously failed representatives, all of whom practice 'taxation without representation' religiously, have systematically have ruined my quality of life, peace of mind and contentment to the point where I now have to travel 100 miles across New Jersey and into another state, just to stop breathing in the stench of their toxic fumes of 'NAKED GREED,' and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), two forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure.

Anonymous said...

Some of you can't see past your own racism, or for that matter, borough borders. NY-14 covers part of the Bronx. 70% of those who live in the district are PoC. She's running a smart campaign with strong grassroots support while he has only just now - a month before the primary - realized what a huge threat she is to him.

1) How many of those people are registered voters?
2) How many of them will actually come out? Unions largely decide elections in off-cycle years, and how many of their endorsements does she have? Answer: none.

Look, I'd like to see her get rid of Crowley, but let's not lose touch with reality.

Zoë said...

That ugly Crowley guy and this woman were blocking entry to the spaceship building making speeches and sing some horrible version of "Its A Small World" in flushing meadow park. A long line of people were pissed off with eyes were cringing
People call that noise and campfire chord fakebook garbage playing music?

This as 1000s of others like myself must pass strict auditions and pay the mayors office lots of $$$$ money for street and subway performer permits?
I hope this rugbag crook from Virginia loses !!!


Anonymous said...

Silly rabbits,
just vote Republican,
...the rest of the country is.
Remember, the President is from Queens...
and so was Nancy Reagan by the way.

Why even entertain these democrat shills when they
share none of our American values?

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

"1) How many of those people are registered voters?
2) How many of them will actually come out? Unions largely decide elections in off-cycle years, and how many of their endorsements does she have? Answer: none.

Damn, you can't even admit you're racist.

Anonymous said...

They may live there but they don't vote there. They are not registered and mostly no citizens. The way to run cheap elections is to make sure only your people can vote. Community organizers make sure they only scream but never vote.