Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Drunk driver crashes into house, reveals illegal conversion

From NBC:

Witnesses said the driver, a 29-year-old woman identified by police as Shanna Shaw, got out of the vehicle wearing only her underwear. She seemed disoriented and under the influence.

"She was just screaming, just screaming," said A.J. "No words at all."

Police said the woman tried to leave the scene but was arrested. All of the injured are expected to survive.

But there are even more victims: A.J. and his family may have lost their home, since it's been deemed no longer safe to live in.

"We have to move or vacate the apartment until further notice," he said. "It takes a toll on everybody, but you gotta live through it, I guess."

A.J. and his family are staying with friends for now. The driver, Shaw, has been charged with driving while imparied and with two counts of fleeing the scene of an accident.

Attorney information for Shaw was not immediately clear.

Messages left for the building landlord were not immediately returned. The Department of Buildings said during investigation at the crash scene, they learned the home had been illegally converted and didn't have adequate egress. As a result, a partial vacate order was issued for the first floor and garage.


georgetheatheist said...

These Department of Buildings violations that Crapper posts year in and year out: they don't look damning enough. Their graphic design is too lame, no? How about a municipal layout artist making a re-do with screaming type and red ink?

Anonymous said...

Wel now....that beats the DOB's usual sluggish response!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Queens newspapers? Where are the Queens Civics? Where are the Queens Community Boards? Where are the Queens politicians?

Where oh where is Tony Avella!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

funny how its ok with your city councilman that a neighbor's 30 year illegal conversion is fine, but your 30 second parking violation ticket is fine too.


Anonymous said...

Same old questions for ten years....YAWN!
"Where are the Queens newspapers and civics"?
Where are you, fella?
Is that the best you can do is armchair complain?

Anonymous said...

Way for the City to add insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Famous drunk from the mid west, likes to steal cars.
My friend says shes from one of the shelters but the 104 police have been ordered not to disclose that information !


Anonymous said...

"Where are the Queens newspapers? Where are the Queens Civics? Where are the Queens Community Boards? Where are the Queens politicians"

Gag order because shes an out of state felon from the homeless shelter who migrated here with her kids. The mayor doesn't want a NIMBY uproar in the media (which is apparently remotely controlled by the mayors office of media & television via government grants and tax exemptions.

Anonymous said...

>Gag order because shes an out of state felon from the homeless shelter who migrated here with her kids

Is there a single example of a gag order like this in recent City history?

Joe said...

I worked at NBC
No, because TV, Film, Print, The cops all those doing business or working for the city must agree to certain Non-Disclosure and confidentiality agreements where the higher up folks hold the "official levels" of this information. Not one of them will get fired and lose their golden benefits, parachutes & pensions if they violate these agreements.
The mayors office already has control of the TV and print people, try and find the words "Illegal Immigrant" or "Hispanic Gang Member" "City Corruption" used within 3 text or ASCII characters apart anyplace. Now when the TV New studios were upgraded to HDTV the computers running the camera teleprompters (a 1 way mirror box in front of the lens that shows the prompter scripts) will even automatically BLOCK certain word combinations from being displayed or printed on the scripts (assignments)written for the reporters and hosts to read. Its all scripted and run like the TV soap operas, as a matter of fact some studio use the same equipment, just roll it into a different set and plug in. All the equipment and ports has been standardized and can be monitored form any part of a building or studio to be monitored. --and since Bloomberg this included a feed to the mayors press secretory. The public hasn't a friggan clue how bad they are being duped !!

To answer your question: Like illegals who commit crime homeless and mentally disturbed people get special sanctuary status and protections.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe - Invaluable info from the man in the know! Always a pleasure reading your knowledgeable input. Thanks.

Queens Crap. It's so-o-o educational.

Anonymous said...

@Joe: I'd love to see some sources on this. People need to know. We need links to spread around.

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised how many of the NYC homeless never actually resided in NYC. They become homeless elsewhere and make their way here to liberal NYC to feed off the NYC taxpayers just like those from South of the Border make their way to the good old USofA