Wednesday, May 23, 2018

City closing stretch of Rockaway beaches for safety's sake

From CBS 2:

Longtime resident John Cori spoke to CBS2 in April about the ongoing erosion that he says should have been addressed and resolved years ago.

“It’s not unexpected,” he said. “We’ve been talking about this and warning the city.”

Cori adds that the Army Corps of Engineers has been slow to act.

“We know the issue, they’re closing the beaches,” he said. “We need to get the federal government in.”

City beaches are slated to open this Memorial Day Weekend, but the area between Beach 91st street and Beach 102nd Street will officially be off-limits. A section of beach in front of the 97th Street concessions area and bathrooms will be open, but there will be no access to the water.


georgetheatheist said...

I hate going to the beach. Big guys keep kicking sand in my face in front of my girlfriend. So we stay in my AC pad and boomf in the bedroom.

JQ LLC said...

This is not a surprise at all. In fact, erosion has been happening on that stretch as well as the entirety of the beach years before Sandy.

There were a few people concerned about the utter lack of jetties and gloins to make the beach resilient, but the city was more concerned with building that sidewalk/boardwalk and fostering a (I will try not vomiting in my mouth when I write this) foodie revolution with those overpriced barsteraunts than the concerns of the residents in the area. And now the belated feigned outrage from the usual elected hacks are whining about the beach losing business never minding the obvious omissions by FEMA and Army core of Engineers that didn't provide the jetties to keep all that sand that is now gone after just 2 years.

And now nothing will be done and all the progress that was made to revitalize the area is now literally washed away since the beach won't get replenished in another year. It's a goddamn shame.

georgetheatheist said...

"Under the boardwalk,
Down by the sea-eee-eee-eee-eee,
On a blanket with my babe
You won't find me."

JQ LLC said...


You never considered consulting Charles Atlas?


Anonymous said...

Let's all wear black to "mourn" a beach closing...

idiot gentrifiers

Anonymous said...

Why the hell did they wait till the very start of beach season to do this? They could have done it six months ago without wrecking the Rockaway economy.

>I hate going to the beach. Big guys keep kicking sand in my face in front of my girlfriend.

Charles Atlas can help!

Anonymous said...

Get real! The residents think they are making themselves look better by removing the sea reeds, but the sea reeds are what prevents erosion. They create their own problems.

Unknown said...

This really is going to suck. Most drivers end up in 96 street ,because of the parking lot. Now these folks will just fill up the residential street parking.

We we're there 2 weeks ago and the shoreline is now only 12 feet to the broadwalk. It's like they intentionally are ignoring it for a reason.

All the train and bus folks go to 116 street, although I don't know how the shore is affected at this end.

We now go to the other side, the Riis side. Half of Brooklyn do end up on this side, but I can deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Will Playland be open?

Anonymous said...

At least the idiots aren't blaming it on Global Warming! And raising our taxes to boot!

JQ LLC said...

Re: playland.

Like Huey Lewis sang, gotta get back in time

You know who's really pissed about this but for selfish reasons is Melinda Katz. The glorified hostess of Queens was yelling how unacceptable it is that City Parks shut it down, although she acknowledged the effect on the residents of the beach she's really mad and more upset about how it will discourage tourists from trekking out there and that she won't be able to throw a concert there with her name emblazoned on the poster.

The woman thinks she's Don Kirshner.

JQ LLC said...

@under the boardwalk

Anonymous said...

So why is the Army even involved with this?
Can't the city or state handle it?

We have a similar situation where I live in MA.
The state wanted to repave a road (long overdue) but because it crossed through some "protected wetlands" the federal government had to get involved. Five years later we may finally get the road repaved.

The protected wetlands are only 2 or 3 acres. Most of MA is swampland. So nothing gets done.

georgetheatheist said...


What's with the frogs?

Anonymous said...

The state and the city want federal money to fix this and that's why the Army Corps gets involved. The corps contracts with dredging companies to pump the sand back. The winter is no time to pump the sand, due to conditions (the sand would wash away immediately) and the dredging companies move south for work. The best time (and most effective bang for the taxpayer buck) is to pump sand in good weather, which unfortunately for beach goers is late spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

I am so very very impressed that Rockaway Resident is a title. Can some one please tell me what professional blowhard John Cori does all day? He gets his mug on tv on the regular. I suppose his little secretary, Eddie Pastore, arranges it all when he's not busy creating hostile environments for women and working towards the Scumbag of the Year Award.

It's not ARMY it's the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The Army Corps of Engineers provides public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen national security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters.

Anonymous said...

CB14 is to blame. They do nothing that doesn't financially benefit them.
Why isn't the Community Board 14 chair Jonathan L. Gaska on TV being interviewed about the beach closing? It's because he could care less. Do you think he goes to the beach in Rockawy or goes among mere mortals? He doesn't want anyone to know his name because they might call him up and ask him to do something. It would be beneath him to lift a finger for any peasant or any one not greasing his palm.

Here's his phone number: 718-471-7300
Call Gaska and say why haven't you done anything about the beach? And when do we get rid of you? How do I get a job like yours Jonathan? How much money do you make a year and by the way, we never voted you in. How did you get this job? What makes you qualified to do this?

I don't think Jonathan L. Gaska is qualified to walk dogs let alone run a Community Board.