Monday, May 7, 2018

Sandy's lesson not learned?

From Crains:

The community of Rockaway Park, Queens, has mixed opinions on a plan to replace a historic firehouse badly damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

New York Fire Department officials say they want to build a new firehouse on the site of a former bank, shuttered after the 2012 storm. WCBS-TV reports the local community board voted against the location but was overruled by the city Planning Commission.

The property sits across the street from the sea wall of Jamaica Bay and is considered a flood zone. Resident Bianca Sepulveda said Monday that she feels it is a risk to have a firehouse right on top of the water.

The FDNY said in a statement that the planned building will meet all flood resiliency standards.


Anonymous said...

"the planned building will meet all flood resiliency standard"


JQ LLC said...

I noticed that guy they interviewed is on the roof (or maybe a balcony) of the wedding cake house

In order for a fire station to be put there, I assume the city is going to have to restructure the road to accommodate easy egress for the fire engines to leave and return to the station. I think the FDNY is being pressured to take that former bank space because developers want that station house property to build a kooky hotel

Has for crappy's question, I think the answer is obvious. Nobody's learning shit. In an attempt to turn the Rockaways into some foodie craft beer destination and trying to gentrify it with recent and future tower hyperdevelopment the gentrification industrial complex is living in complete denial as they always are. Especially now that fucking dumb ass mayor dropped 300 million for new ferrys and a new route from LIC to the Rockaway.

If this brutal winter and April and the schizophrenic last 4 days shows, the climate has been erratic and unpredictable. Not to be a doomsayer, but we are going to get another Sandy this year. A harder Sandy.

JQ LLC said...

What is really weird about this story is that this proposal is coming from the FDNY and not some predatory developer looking to build a hotel which would this crass plan make more sense.

The FDNY, who are supposed to be the top stewards (with the NYPD) for the safety of the city and the communities they serve. And de Faustio's city planner minions overruled the community board to approve it. This is all sounding too familiar.

Normally the FDNY wouldn't be this cavalierly dismissive of the community, especially the people who have live there for decades and have longstanding roots there who usually show up to the meetings that are the most supportive of the smokeeaters.

Something about this smells worse than the waste treatment plant 14 blocks east on beach channel drive.