Sunday, May 13, 2018

Does anyone at DHS have a clue?

From Sunnyside Post:

The City View Inn in Blissville will once again house homeless families with children, the city announced today.

The Department of Homeless Services said the hotel at 33-17 Greenpoint Ave., which is currently housing single adult men, will transition back to temporarily providing shelter for families with children before the school year in September. The specific date and time for the move is yet to be determined.

The DHS says the decision comes with trends the agency sees in the summer months, when more families with children seek shelter due to the school year wrapping up.

The single adult men currently at the shelter, the DHS says, will be transferred to other shelter locations. The agency is expecting several high-quality, permanent shelters to open around the city in the coming months, which will provide capacity to shelter the men at the City View Inn and others.

The City View Inn began sheltering 54 families with children in July 2017, but abruptly switched to housing over 100 single adult men in January. The DHS was met with much criticism at the time due to its handling of the move, where families at the shelter were seemingly notified hours before of the news. The agency has since publicly apologized for the miscommunication.


JQ LLC said...

“Nobody wants to see families with children or single adults without a roof over their heads on the street, and every night we have a legal obligation to provide shelter,” said Steven "Weasel" Banks, Department of Social Services Commissioner.

This is some quote and it shows that even Weasel Banks is more worried about optics than the lives of poor families who were disenfranchised from their homes from forced gentrification then disenfranchised from their homeless shelter and re-enfranchised back to the hotel.

This decision may not have only been made because of the persistence of the citizens of Blissville, but more because of the critical articles and media attention of the idiotic decision to house 100 single men who apparently have mental problems and are recidivist criminals.

And being that it's in the midst of the tower pestilence and economic upscaling of LIC and nearby Sunnyside where the maniacal plan to overdevelop and overcrowd N.E. Queens is at it's genesis, the less derelict lunatics running around the better to sell more luxury digs in crappy constructed buildings and case the trainyards with moneyed predatory developers. Because the DHS is gerrymandering the homeless.

So are these going to be the same 54 families that were housed there, because it's a certainty that the city did not provide them with affordable or supportive housing because there fucking aren't any, or will they be 54 new ones.

Banks is a sick neoliberal and incompetent sociopath as is his boss de Faustio

Anonymous said...

The agency is expecting several high-quality, permanent shelters to open around the city in the coming months

Aren't we all, aren't we all...

"High-quality" by what metric? Has anyone ever stopped to ask, aside from the graven ill with no family members and chronic substance abusers - people who literally can't function independently - why we have to have homeless shelters at all instead of just paying a portion of to all of their rent, and helping do some combination of:

A) Negotiate a better paying job opportunity,
B) Train for higher paid work,
C) Relocate

It seems like when you add up the direct and negative impact costs of running shelters that we'd actually come out ahead if we did this, not to mention quality of life.

georgetheatheist said...

How come we never see imagery - photos and videos - of what's exactly going on inside these shelters?

Anonymous said...

"Jimmy Van Bramer said the DHS’s decision is a sign of progress"
The guys a f_cking moron !
The reason its becoming single moms with kids is because once all them kids are registered and going to school that housing will become permanent.
Its a foot in the for tactic to ram these people up everybody ass and use them a para-milatary to destroy the neighborhood. The children of these people are feral and disruptive to be educated. Our children will suffer in school, especially young girls.

The fix is to stop all this sanctuary bullshit & free stuff attracting the worlds homeless and illegal to New York. Give them cheap Amtrak tickets and send them back

Anonymous said...

high-quality, permanent shelters.... so what the f*@# am I paying rent for? I need some high quality permanent shelter. Must be nice to cry victim all the time, live off the tax payer and have your underground economy going on. Here they come to ruin your neighborhood, after they've made a mess of where they were evicted from.

I understand that people can get into bad situations while unemployed BUT why are women encouraged to pop out children and the father's disappear as soon as it's time to pay any bills? This is way of life for far too many. And why does the taxpayer have to foot the bill for irresponsible adults and parents.

A lot of these people do have family that they could stay with but lie and got into the shelters to get the LINC advantage voucher- City pays rent for the entire year and after that 70% of the monthly break.

Ned said...

"why are women encouraged to pop out children and the father's disappear as soon as it's time to pay any bills"
Fathers disappear as soon as the belly shows and they get fat.
That is considered normal in Guatemala, Mexico and all those other 3rd world shitholes.
The women start having sex 12-13 then kids age 13-15 and keep going till they cant have anymore, fathers, multiple fathers, unknown fathers it doesn't matter!
They refuse to use birth control and GET THIS: If the mother believes the father was shit, the kid cant amount to be nothing more then shit also.
Result:--Hordes of unwanted feral wild kids growing up to be street monsters, getting pregnant repeating the process..
These people are doing the exact same thing they did to destroy their home country's HERE, the sole differentiation is by migrating to in New York they get paid with benefits to do it!

Democrats see these people as lifetimes of stupid people votes, pro Socialism votes because loyal dumb & stupid 100% reliant on the government for life is how they want them. Its going to be a disaster of every account for anybody who unwilling to "share" or has money or property. You will eventually be forced to take these people into your homes if the government considers your living space "underutilized"

Why is the public so blind to see whats going on and rewarding these dangerous progressive socialists with re-election? The sheep are literally handing the shepherds the knives & tooling to cut their heads off and re-distribute the bits.

Mark said...

It is republican party pushing to make access to birth control and abortions more difficult.

We need to open abortion centers all over under-served neighborhoods and encourage low cost abortions.

Also, have programs that pay for LARC birth control and get them on it young.

Pay poor people NOT to have kids. It would be a lot cheaper.

>>Democrats see these people as lifetimes of stupid people votes,

Many poor have kids because it really is the only thing to look forward to. If college seems out of reach and you grew up with no stability, this is your stability.

You are just really ignorant.
>>> Ned said.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said, Ned.

Anonymous said...

Republican as I am, Mark is right.

Anonymous said...

Many poor have kids because it really is the only thing to look forward to. If college seems out of reach and you grew up with no stability, this is your stability.



-Ned said...

"We need to open abortion centers all over under-served neighborhoods and encourage low cost abortions"
Mark is clueless:
3rd world Central American and Mexicans voodoo & religious beliefs ban that practice. Those people wont have abortions or use birth control, outright refusal.
I asked Mexicans about that, they believe in bad luck, ghosts and going to hell. You have all the chicken blood, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, witch doctors and palm readers in Hispanic neighborhoods to prove this.

Too add why would one of these trespassing parasite criminal baby making machines give up multiple anchors and a cash calfs you can milk for 21 years.
Throw all these parasite locust people who broke into this country the fuck out before the sink us is the only answer !! Throw all the democrats (AKA communists) out of office too !!


Mark said...

Thank you for asking Mexicans .
Someone the topic of homelessness pivoted to Mexicans fir some reason that made sense to you .

If you weren’t crazy people would listen to you

Anonymous said...

"Someone the topic of homelessness pivoted to Mexicans"

That is in fact directly related to all the homeless.
The primary reason so many are homeless is because the city is overpopulated with illegals who are in fact of Mexican or Central American, now with multiple children entering schools which means deportation will be near impossible. (The majority of them anyway) Trying to jam 10 gallons of shit into a 1 gallon hat without reducing it somehow is against the law of physics.
Just wait till the city is on the verge of bankruptcy, then the real fun is going to start.
This is all fact! Neds not crazy (not this time anyway) but you sir are blind, in denial or have had your head in the sand for the past decade or more.

Anonymous said...

We are going the direction of Venezuela much quicker thanI hope tol live out my years.

With manipulative communist political pretenders taking over our election system and ignorant non-voters putting to much trust in letting these assholes give away our tax dollars,most will be surprised when they find out our grocery stores are empty of toilet paper and people are rioting in the streets.

Anonymous said...

"grocery stores are empty of toilet paper and people are rioting in the streets"

Oh that's coming and one reason they want to grab all the guns. The mayor is going to run the city into bankruptcy paying for all the destitute & broke ass he is inviting here. Then the riots and fires will start. take note of all the the mass muggings of white and Asian people at ATM machines in broad daylight. It has already started and will move into home invasions soon.