Monday, May 14, 2018

Stop work order violations will carry heavier penalties

From The Real Deal:

The city will soon bump up fines for violating stop-work orders on construction sites, adding another $1,000 to penalties imposed for first-time offenses.

Starting June 18, the Department of Buildings will impose penalties of $6,000 for initial offenses and then $12,000 for every subsequent violation. Currently, the agency charges $5,000 for the former and $10,000 for the latter.

The City Council approved the change in August, along with a slew of other building-related bills. At the time, the council also voted to double penalties for work done without a permit, which varies based on the kind of work.


Joe Moretti said...

AGAIN, what about enforcement. If you increase fines, sponsor new bills, etc, BUT don't ENFORCE the laws, not only ALL THE TIME, but quickly when someone reports an illegal conversion, it does not matter. AND, one more thing, is the city actually collecting these fines, or are they just piling up for the owner, which then will be a lean when they go sell.

The whole system with DOB is totally fucked up and these slumlords know it, hence why they keep doing it and why we keep reading the same old stories, but with a different address.

AND again, how is this "progressive liberalism", when the victims of these fires, etc tend to mostly be immigrant and illegal immigrants. I mean you cannot call yourself a "liberal progressive" city, when your polices, especially against the poor, low-income, middle class (what's left of it) and other under-served populations, does not serve them at all, but puts them at risk for predator slumlords, the city being the biggest slumlord.

Think of all the stories that Queens Crap has doing since the beginning, the same issues keep coming up over and over again, while absolutely NOTHING is getting down about any of them from illegal conversions to three communities being responsible for all the garbage waste stations and everything in between.

Maybe the city is too big to properly manage (a good NY Times article appeared this Sunday about the USA being too big to properly manage), BUT, it it not too big to manage, it is just poorly managed with incompetent people in positions, money wasted on useless positions (Borough Presidents, Public Advocate, etc), crooked elected officials in the pockets of the real estate lobby and a corrupt election system in this city that allows crooked, do nothing incumbents to run unopposed year after year.

AND with nobody to step up to the plate with major balls to break down the system, this city will continue again and again and again, and we will keep reading about illegal conversions, more studies needed, increased fines (while no enforcement) and more and more bills being introduced where there are already laws on the books that are not being enforced. Imagine the amount of enforcement officers for various agencies if all the Borough Presidents and their huge staffs were eliminated (same with the Public Advocate and that staff).

Anonymous said...

What is the point if no one enforces them?

The reality gap between ourselves and our leadership grows.

Hasn't anyone else stumbled onto that Trump is a direct outgrowth of New York City's political culture? That's right. He is part and parcel of the political class of NYC and when you get down to it, there is not a dime's worth of difference between him and the mayor or city council or that Albany crowd..

When you turn a hose on all of them, they melt because at their core its all b*llsh^t.

Anonymous said...

Only $1,000 ?
That's still a cheap tax to get a things done !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It wont do jack shit, the fines have to be more like $50,000 plus confiscation of equipment and padlocking the joint.
The confiscation of equipment is what really scares them, they started doing that in Texas and Florida, with a special prosecutor. Also added courtrooms, arraignment judges and the shit stopped immediately.
---its a life an death situation, including for firemen and neighbors. In those red states they seize your shit and jail you on huge bail bonds.

Anonymous said...

>In those red states they seize your shit and jail you on huge bail bonds.

Rare to see red states harder on business than blue states.

Anonymous said...

""Rare to see red states harder on business than blue states""

Oh yea, you screw with knocking down walls, electrical, gas lines etc without a permit they will jail you. An inspector must sign off that the work its being done correctly and too the plans that were approved. You also need to provide a license and insurance paperwork for all your workers.

Why do you think all the bums, scabs and hacks who cant provide paperwork come to New York A:Because nobody checks until EMS and the police are called to the scene to investigate a and explosion, fire or fatality.

Anonymous said...

Which will be passed onto renter or buyer!

Anonymous said...

>Why do you think all the bums, scabs and hacks who cant provide paperwork come to New York

Spoken like someone who's never done business in the South. Far more illegals, far less oversight.

Anonymous said...

I do too. Funny how the left made every excuse possible for Michelle
Wolf's tirade but Roseanne posts one tweet & the left loses their minds.
Of course tho.