Tuesday, May 15, 2018

South Ozone Park: all shelters, all the time

From the Queens Chronicle:

All but two hotels within the boundaries of Community Board 10 are being used to house homeless people, with the latest being the Sheraton JFK on South Conduit Avenue.

The announcement that the Sheraton is being used to house the undomiciled — made at CB 10’s meeting last Thursday — comes more than a year after Mayor de Blasio announced the city would stop using such sites to alleviate the growing homelessness crisis by 2023, and open 90 new shelters in the five boroughs. A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeless Services says the city is already in the process of not ending the use of some hotels as temporary shelters.

It now joins five other commercial hotels in Ozone Park and South Ozone Park being used by the DHS. Three are family shelters — The Days Inn and Comfort Inn, both on Redding Street, house 30 and 54 families with children, respectively, and the Hilton Garden Inn on 134th Street in South Ozone Park has 60. The EconoLodge on Rockaway Boulevard is a “single adult site” with 48 people. The View Inn and Suites JFK, on the Van Wyck Expressway service road, has 62 rooms being rented out by the city. The Skyway Men’s Shelter, formerly a motel, is also housing 124 homeless men.

Only two hotels within CB 10’s area are not being utilized by the city — the Surfside Motel in Howard Beach and the Crossbay Motor Inn in Ozone Park. Many of the hotels lack kitchens in the rooms, a violation of the law that states there must be one where homeless people are being housed. The city has exempted itself from its own regulation, citing an emergency.


JQ LLC said...

I remember when the Comfort Inn was completed over a decade ago and I wondered aloud, why would they erect a big hotel, and a fancy looking one too, in such a stupid area next to residences, by the conduit and a junior high school. And then they built a days inn next to it and I thought that this was just retarded. Especially with a scuzzy motel across the street and not anywhere near the subway, the nearest being the Aqueduct stop and Rockaway Blvd.

Now it's clear to see why this happened, and it's not because Queens was designated the world's borough by some shitty travel mag. Hoteliers saw this as an investment for future city largess. I wonder if these hoteliers got tax breaks to build these hotels also.

It's clear where the city wants the majority of homeless to be, away from the posh, niche and hip and prospective posh, hip and niche towns like East New York and Jerome Ave in the Bronx where the next development rezoning will take place and even Jamaica now that suddenly the elected hacks want to clean it up as the tower pestilence starts to grow. That way it keeps the inconvenient sights and truths about poverty, inequity and unaffordability that is pushing these families out of those towns into isolated and uninteresting areas like South Ozone Park, Ozone Park, and Blissville.

de Faustio and Banks are warehousing and gerrymandering homeless poor people. This is the real affordable housing plan.

To paraphrase Childish Gambino:

This is Queens, don't catch the homeless now
Move around the homeless now dwelling in hotels now

Get your money hoteliers, Get your money developers...

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change because this idea was bad from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Once the tourists staying at hotels near airports become terrified and stop coming here maybe city hall will wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the mayor is using the homeless and all the felons let out of Rikers as para-military to drive all the old NIMY Italians in South Ozone park out.

--Force them to sell cheap and quick

Anonymous said...

>A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeless Services says the city is already in the process of not ending the use of some hotels as temporary shelters.

A rare bit of honesty from the City.

Anonymous said...

And then there's that giant piece
of crap, Resorts World Casino. We all
now know why out electeds fought
to get that put into S Oz Pk. Mr Addabbo , are you proud of yourself now?

Anonymous said...

Manhattan will become like Dubai and the other four boros will look like Detroit!!

Anonymous said...

The homelessness issue is directly related to Democrat policies.

For those of you here that vote Democrat, understand that this is another case of cause and effect that your party specializes in obfuscating while those with any lick of common sense can see it from a mile away.

There are three primary predictors for future poverty (and by extension, homelessness).
They are:

1-Out of wedlock pregnancy at a young age; (this has been fostered by the Democrat party since Johnson's "Great Society" initiatives where big daddy government was to step in for daddy in poor communities, after all, who needs a father?). It continues to this day with programs which give you the "gold card" as soon as you have a baby without establishing any ability to provide for it.

2-Not graduating from High School; the large majority of public school students are incapable of passing standardized tests in Math and English (something like 70% are unable to citywide). Graduation from High School is just not a priority for many students who are brought up believing that they will simply "be taken care of" regardless of what they do. These liberal policies, which foster the idea of "social justice" instead of social responsibility, are directly responsible for raising a generation of monosyllabic illiterates with no marketable skills in the 21st century.

3. Substance abuse; legalize dope and glamorize the drug culture everywhere from Hollywood to social media and suddenly everyone's surprised that there is a generation of zombies not-ready-for-primetime. Remember, it's Democrats pushing the legalization of drugs, cause, hey, what can go wrong?

In short, what is driving the homelessness explosion at the root, is not so simply dismissed as rising home prices. Home prices have been rising in NYC for the past 40 years.
What's driving the homelessness is the slow collision of real world global economic forces with 60 years of liberal social policy teaching generations of poor that they can't help themselves. Patronizing policies making them totally incapable of taking charge of their own economic futures while the continuous influx of foreigners takes full advantage of their ignorance. Go and ask those homeless families who their landlords were. Better yet, look up the owners of those homeless La Quinta hotels (The names rhyme with Saddam and Khan).

...no wonder these same people elected a Communist as mayor.
Nice job Democrats, JFK would be proud, LOL.

Harry Haller

Gary W said...

Anon, is absolutely correct and wasting his breath.

Haven't you heard, only one party allowed in this city. The morons here and on this board could never allow themselves to pull the lever for a Repub. Repubs are evil or something they'll tell you. Colbert makes fun of them so they must be bad. I could never show my face at the coffee shop if my friends knew I voted for an R.

Last Repub Mayor of Detriot-1962
Last Repub Mayor of Baltimore-1967
Last Repub Mayor of Chicago-1927
Last Repub Mayor of Oakland 1966

Embrace the suck!

Anonymous said...

It's a shit babe si they dump more shit.
Would they DARE do this on posh northeast?

Anonymous said...

>Remember, it's Democrats pushing the legalization of drugs, cause, hey, what can go wrong?

Given how the War on Drugs has been just one giant, trillion dollar, freedom killing, cop enabling, drug kingpin empowering, prison expanding failure, I can't see how any alternative could be worse. States and countries that have legalized marijuana have seen a huge increase in tax revenue combined with no increase in crime.

>...no wonder these same people elected a Communist as mayor.

I hate the Mayor as much as the next person, but he's not even a socialist, much less a commie.